Hairless Edition
    Many tears, like the curls, have been shed.
    “He’s acting!” “He’s balding!” they’ve said.
    At U2’s Vegas home:
    A shiny, sleek dome ...
    Not the Sphere — Harry’s freshly shorn head!

    Homeless Edition
    The internet’s taking-the-piss-ing:
    Harry’s house and his hair have gone missing.
    Ol’ Ben’s attic shuffle’s
    Now hotels with Russell,
    While his husband squawks on about chicken.


    Harry's own mother has been liking Jeff and Ben's posts about supporting Israel, she completely ignores the issue but made a post defending Harry's haircut (where people, rightfully so in my opinion, called her and Harry out for supporting Israel and staying silent on the matter); and we have known for a while that Gemma is pro Israel though she tried to salvage the situation by saying she's anti violence... What I'm trying to say, and it does hurt my heart, is: I wouldn't be surprised if the pleasing sales are funding the war, especially with Azoff and Irving involved too, and I wish fans would stop supporting this specific adventure of Harry's. (Also, who has the money to spend £140 on perfume??)

    yup, when you've got such rich people behind it who openly support israel, you gotta operate under the assumption that some of that money is going to end up being used in support of israel