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2023-11-25 23:05:35

    Dear Simone,

    Three months…

    Three months till

    Ten months since

    I’d rather relive the news about your passing than letting it become a whole year without you

    I will forever be in denial

    I will look for you in every corner of the world

    till the day I die I will not accept your death

    you’re still here

    Dearest Simone,

    I refuse to acknowledge that you’re gone

    You are somewhere

    just not in this world

    or this universe

    just another time, another dimension

    Missing you will be the hardest part of moving on

    living with the knowledge that you’re not here is worse

    Today I want to wish you a happy birthday


    and today will be 4 months

    I grieve you in my lonliness,

    I guess I will never fully heal if I refuse to speak of your death

    I am afraid it makes it more real

    You’re still and always be alive in my head, I will continue talking to you, imagine you…but everything will be in my head

    I find comfort in believing that everything we imagine, can think of — exist and happens in another universe, maybe another dimension or timeline.

    If I can imagine talking to you, somewhere in the universes — there is us enjoying life together

    when everything collides — and the world, the universe and all dimensions are aligned, can you please cross over and meet me somewhere nice and peaceful?

    I guess today is my last goodbye to you

    I just can’t comprehend that you’re gone

    you’re not alive

    in this world

    I want to see you, I want to meet you

    hug you, kiss you, see you smile, laugh

    I just want to see you being you Simone

    but it’s impossible

    it’s impossible


    rest in peace angel 🤍