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2019-09-17 03:14:04

    “Ooooh, so you didn’t know about this?” I asked, motioning to the heavy belly currently resting in my lap. “Yeah, I thought someone told you. I’m like, way pregnant. I’m talking multiples. And no, before you ask, they’re not yours. Don’t look so disappointed. You never wanted to have kids anyways. You were way more interested in procreation. I mean, so am I. It turns out that I’m great at not only getting knocked up, but also making gigantic babies.”

    I’m so incredibly happy at how my pregnancy is progressing. These kids are already nothing short of a miracle, so I was a nervous wreck for the first several weeks. I was just so afraid that I’d loose them. But look at me now! I’m progressing right along. The kiddos are healthy and strong and so is mommy. My little wonders are going to be the joy of my life when they finally make it Earthside.