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    Mr. Ghostface Force Feeds & Funnel Feeds Me

    Casey is at home one night talking with a friend about another girl they know who happened to lose a bunch of weight through health bars. Casey jokes a bit about giving it a try, she thinks losing a few pounds wouldn't hurt. After jumping off the phone with her friend she gets a mysterious call. But the call is coming from within the house, and soon Mr.Ghostface appears! Little does Casey know Mr.Ghostface isn't here to harm her....but rather fatten her.

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    do you want me to make you fat? is that what you want? you want me to order you to eat more everywhere we go, to constantly be pushing desserts into your hands, to order fast food and sodas for you every night? you want me to feed you when you get too tired and full to do it yourself? I want to hear you say it- that you want to see your body grow and plump up. that you want to become fat and jiggly and constantly full under my care. so is that what you want?

    Fat Habits

    Having fat on your body is not enough, becoming a fatty should be a permanent lifestyle change like a black hole that only sucks you in deeper.

    Let food become the answer to every situation.

    Celebrate every victory with over indulgence, eat your feelings when they hurt, pass the time with snacks...

    Food is beautiful.

    Food is your true best friend and is always there for you.

    The warm feeling of stuffing yourself is pure happiness and bliss.

    Isn't it great that being truly happy is always at your finger tips?

    Don't think about it, just give into it.

    Whenever you get a craving indulge it immediately.

    Get used to indulging your cravings all the time and forget what it's like to have self control..

    Get addicted to your favourite foods and keep reinforcing that addiction until it's impossible to break.

    Every day that you give in pushes the possibility of turning back away.

    The process should become so automatic that even if you are trying to show restraint and debate over whether or not to indulge, you mindlessly have started eating without even realizing.

    The realization that you've become a slave to food might upset you at first but it's so hot to see how you've degrading and it just gets you so horny that you end up eating more instead.

    Soon you will train your mind to crave food just from the thought of losing weight.

    You will condition yourself to meet all forms of resistance to your new fat self with more eating.

    Feeling a lack of confidence from your fat and considering dropping some weight to fit your clothes better?

    Go stuff yourself.

    Worried about the negative effects this lifestyle might have on your health?

    Go stuff yourself.

    And when it comes to physical activities you will always choose the path of least resistance.

    If you have to decide between being lazy or putting in effort you will choose the fuzzy, cozy, happy feelings of lazing around.

    Being lazy and sedentary feels sooo good. It's your other best friend after food after all.

    Remember when you used to like going on walks? Now the thought seems horrid to you.

    All of your interests have grown to revolve around being lazy and eating.

    Watching shows, playing games, hanging around the computer or lying in bed on your phone...

    The further you go, the more permanent this lifestyle is becoming.

    You will condition yourself to meet all opportunities to give effort with being lazy.

    Left the light on in the living room?

    It's too far away now, you'll just stay in bed.

    Friends getting together for a night out?

    Maybe next time, it's too comfortable and happy hear on the couch with snacks and good shows.

    You no longer just have a fat person's body... Now you have a fat person's brain.

    You are wired to be lazy and you can't even comprehend the idea of anything else.

    You relate to all the fattest people around you who got that way by accident and struggle with daily life.

    There struggles have become your struggles.

    You've become such a natural fatty that everyone will assume you've been this way all your life.

    And as far as anyone is concerned, you have... because you are now exactly the same as someone who has been fat all their life.

    Your muscles have all atrophied and left you weak.

    You swear you used to know how to flex your muscles but now when you try nothing happens, it's just jiggly fat everywhere.

    This is you forever now.

    The habits have become permanent and you're only going to gain more fat habits along the way.

    Welcome to the fat life.


    I want to get this girl so fat she outgrows her old fat clothes again and just turns into a waddling, out of breathe, absolute hog of a woman.

    I want her to be unrecognizable to everyone she knew as she becomes a housebound blob that can't leave her bed and clean herself much less feed herself. I want to be her caretaker and get her so much fatter than any of the fattest humans alive, I want her to break records as she breaks scales and becomes the fattest slob, the heaviest, greediest, example of obesity to ever exist.

    Then I STILL want to fatten her more.