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    Hey! I really love atla.Can you recommend any show similar to atla/lok?

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is an amazing show that feels similar in scope and themes. It can feel a lot darker than atla at moments, but it’s definitely an amazing show that I can not recommend enough! It’s a rare anime in that it’s great in Japanese and English, so you don’t have to rely on subtitles. Plus it’s on most streaming services as well, so easy to start!

    I just started my rewatch of Legend of Korra and I gotta say Book 1 has some of the most beautiful animation I’ve ever seen. The dynamic camera shots and the subdued coloring working in tandem with the lighting makes it stunning to witness. 

    This show has become infinitely more enjoyable to watch with time. Now that I’m free from the scrutiny that often comes with fandom, I can really appreciate the story. Every major debate and hot take about lok has already been had and I don’t have to worry about that now! 

    zuko and azula from avatar and sharpay and ryan from high school musical are EXACTLY the same character types (gay antagonistic brother-sister duo in which the sister is the more dominant and talented one and the brother is a better person who helps the heroes in the end) except zuko and azula are dialled as far to goth as possible and sharpay and ryan are dialled as far to prep as possible. miles and franziska from ace attorney are directly in the middle of this spectrum, as extremely edgy preps

    Some of the most common misconception / complaints I see about The Legend of Korra.

    TLOK is great. People tend to view it with extra shades of nostalgia goggles and I think it prevents a lot of people from enjoying the show, which is a shame.

    I absolutely loved the way the world had evolved 70+ years after the 100 years war. Everything felt like a natural progression. (Okay, everything except for the giant mecha in Book 4)