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    Finally a moment to show off my obsession with solarpunk!

    “Overpopulation” is such an easy thing to brainwash people on. I used to believe this until somebody pointed out that you could double the living space of my hometown without developing more land by hypothetically adding one extra floor per building. Do this across the board and you’ve already ended homelessness- but thats not even considering all the millions of vacant buildings just lying around that could be used for housing (fill those up first).

    Theres also a more sci-fi concept for incredibly tall, thick skyscrapers and artificial layered mountains that, to my knowledge, are completely within the realm of physical possibility and would house tens of thousands of people. Blueprints were drawn up in the 90s in a few different countries, like Sky City 100 in Japan

    And the Ultima Tower in San Francisco

    The designs are gathering dust and need proof-of-concept but the basic idea is contemporary: If youre a high-technology civilization and you have too many people, build UP, or DOWN, but never OUT. Then surround the towers with farming space and preserve the rest of nature. You could triple the global population if you wanted to, and not only would you be able to give all of those people the living space of a modest house, but youd actually vastly increase food production (which is already enough to feed all those people and can be doubled like OP said)

    And if you still prefer living out in the country? Nobodys saying you can’t! It would barely affect current living accommodations, it would just make things easier for the current homeless and you wouldnt need to pay as much for food.

    Or if you wanna look at something that we can 100% do now, literally just combine agriculture and architecture.

    These are just concept art pieces of Forest Cities, but there are legitimate plans to begin building living spaces that use plants in their designs. Again, towers are more environmentally friendly than individual housing because you get vastly more living space per acre and if those buildings double as crop/oxygen production then youre basically supercharging nature by “overpopulating” humans.

    Remember kids: We are the only species on earth that can not only intentionally save nature, but vastly increase its potential. When people talk about environmental issues and housing crisises by saying “the earth is dying because of human overpopulation,” they’re detracting from any real solution by saying that it’s actually your fault just for existing in a large species. Never listen to them.


    Hi! Regarding Phil's "successful" dating stories, I think had some. He mentioned somewhere (probably COTY) that his parents figured out he wasn't straight because of guys who were "staying over". So even if those weren't strong relationships, Dan wasn't his first gay relationship imo

    My firm opinion is that the guy staying over was Dan! We know from their old social media posts that Dan and Phil barely went a week without Dan traveling to Manchester and he usually stayed for multiple days at a time. I feel like their son who had never, until that point, had a significant other of any substance (sorry, one-week-each girlfriends) mooning over an 18 year old who basically moved in with them part time and slept in their sons room? Yeah. I think once Phil had a Person he wasn’t subtle at all and that’s how his parents found out. 

    it ok to not be ready


    Please spread this shit like wildfire. People go on and sit through the whole experience and they’re uncomfortable because they just want to please their partner and they don’t tell them that they want to stop because they are not ready. It’s okay not to be ready. 


    notice here that consent is revoked without ever saying no and consent goes so far beyond yes/no!!!!!!

    You can always say no

    <>How To Write A Trans Character

    <>for y’all good cis people who genuinely care and want to give good representation!! thank!! love ya!! [please note that this is just the opinion of one trans *man* and that circumstances vary. This isn’t a catch-all, just some general tips.]

    - <> If you’re an LGB+ person/nurodivergent/etc, try to picture your own identity in the place of your trans character’s. If you wouldn’t like to read about something done to a character with your identity, maybe don’t do that to your trans character.

    - <>Try to avoid adding transphobia without a solid reason for it. Does this person being a transphobic dick advance the plot? Does it create a poignant character moment? Is it truly more than just the Obligatory Transphobic Comment? Remember, people read fiction to escape the real world, being reminded that transphobia exists in my fantasy escapism kind of sucks.

    - <>Don’t make a big deal out of it or draw a lot of attention to it. Personally, the best thing to me is when it is briefly mentioned once that a character is trans, and that is it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine to mention it more than once, but it’s so refreshing to see it not be a big deal.

    - <>Make the character a character first, and trans second. Being trans is not a personality trait, or a hobby, or a lifestyle. We’re just people. Write us like it.

    - <>There’s many different types of dysphoria. (see: this post) Social, mental, physical. Sometimes it’s general, and others it’s very specific. Sometimes it’s weird (I’m dysphoric about my wrists, how weird is that?) And some trans people experience little to no dysphoria, that’s cool too.

    - <>Dysphoria fluctuates and changes a lot, some days it’s not bad, others it is, some days it’s about something, other days it’s about something else.

    - <>Dysphoria feels like your worst insecurity times 100. A lot of the time mine makes me feel physically sick, like I’m gonna chuck. It can also feel almost claustrophobic, like you’re trapped somewhere and can’t get out (… because you are.)

    - <>Gender euphoria is also a thing and it’s like being high.

    - <>Feel free to give your trans baby a supportive family, they do exist and it would be nice to see a well loved trans person (the family doesn’t have to be biological, though, if that’s the way the story goes.)

    - <>Do a bit of research on certain terms/names for things, it won’t take super long and it will make a WORLD of difference.

    -<> Please try not to focus on the character suffering for being trans.I know you mean well, but trust me it won’t come out rig<>ht. Feel free to throw a bunch of angst at your trans character, just please don’t make that angst around being trans. Make it about their best friend being eaten by a lava sloth squid monster. or whatever.

    - <>Different trans people want/have different transitions. Your character might want to have one surgery, but not another, or maybe they’re on hormones but they’re not interested in any surgeries or vice-versa. Maybe they don’t want to physically transition at all, and that is perfectly normal and okay!

    - <>Non-binary people exist and are cool! (But if your character is a robot or an alien… maybe don’t make them non-binary.)

    - <>Please don’t make your villain the only trans person. Please.

    - <>Please avoid the ‘soft flower boi’ stereotype if you’re writing trans guys please. We are men. Write your trans man character like you would if he was a cis guy. I’m not saying don’t make feminine trans men, but… please be careful of that stereotype.

    <>- Trans women can be tomboys. They can also be super mega ultra girly. Again, character first, trans second.

    - <>Avoid fetishizing trans people. It’s totally fine if your trans person does The Sexytime (it is encouraged, in fact,) but don’t overly focus on the fact that they’re trans. That’s creepy. Some trans people have different boundaries with nakedness/their body, consider that, too.

    - <>Please give your trans character a happy ending and for the love of god don’t kill them off. Let them have a partner, and pets, and friends, the whole unlovable edgy trans stereotype is getting really old really fast.

    -<> Honestly. If you’re really unsure how to write a trans character, just write a character. And then slip in a one sentence about them wearing a trans pride pin. Boom, you just wrote a great trans character, good job!!! 

    - <>Talk to a trans person. And if you’re worried about saying something wrong, talk to me. I promise I won’t get mad at you, no matter what you want to ask. Trust me, we want more trans characters out there, don’t be scared to write one. Representation is good!!

    - <>All trans people are badass, funny, smart, amazing, wonderful and perfect. If you don’t make your character all of these things, it’s transphobia. (Okay this one is a joke… We’re also awesome. *fingerguns*)