What is your opinion about cash alphas? Do you take money from your fags? Or would you?

    I would need to be fairly comfortable with someone to control his money. I would need to have a lot of information about him to make sure they amount he was giving me was enough to make him feel it without jeopardizing his health and safety, like in any dominant/submissive relationship. I would need to know his income, living expenses, insurance policies, retirement plans, and savings. 

    A boy with poor money management skills could benefit from having a good, honest cash master. A good cash master would make sure he boy’s debts were paid and enough money was set aside for retirement and emergencies. The boy does not need to know any specifics, and it may be better if he doesn’t, but if something happens, like he loses his job, the master can then dip into the money set aside to help the boy until he finds a new job. A master should never take a boy’s money unless the master knows the boy can afford it. A dominant always has an obligation to look out for the welfare of his boy, and this circumstance is no different.

    I once had a boy I visited once a month or so on business trips. He lived comfortably, but frugally, and he managed his money well. I had him pay for all our meals, and everything we did. I made sure that the amount he spent on me was enough that he could not do everything he wanted when I was not there, but he had enough he could get a lane ticket to visit his ageing parents if one got sick. He was already setting aside money for retirement, had bought a condo, and had a savings account with enough to take care of himself for three months if he lost his job. 

    A couple of times people have offered me small amounts of money because they appreciated my writing, but only once did the person actually follow through and give me anything. I am certainly willing to accept gifts of any amount from anyone at any time, no strings attached, but anything more than that requires a deeper relationship.


    This is a healthy perspective. Quite a few times I’ve had fin-subs who I’ve simply controlled, forcing them to save and pay off debts, cutting out luxuries. It can feel powerful. And then you have comfortable people who don’t have many calls for their disposable income. That can be a lot of fun too.