Bexley Bitch owned sub toy gimp sneaker slave
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2023-02-09 20:31:14

    You can't stop licking his feet. You give a loud snort as you take in both the smells of his worn sneakers and his barefoot. You tongue laps out and licks the sweat from the warm sole that was stuck in the shoe without socks all day.

    "You Tumblr is sick. You are a pig." His big toe and second gripped your nose and pulled it. You look pathetic trying to desperately still sniff and licking his toes.

    "Your blog is going to be about your progress as I train you, pig. Now write how pathetically you want these feet. After you can be my foot rest." He said. Giving you the laptop. You are hunched over typing away and literally drooling, eager to be at your new King's feet.


    Started as a lost bet, and you had to kiss your buddies feet. As the party rolled on, and the drinks kept flowing you became known as “foot boi,” and other guys were sticking their feet in your face. You started licking and kissing the big feet in your face.

    Everyone at the party stopped talking to you and began ordering you to bark like a dog, and other fun party tricks.

    That was the first night you realized you were a faggot.