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2022-08-08 04:43:59

    Okay, so Naruto characters get reincarnated to MHA. Naruto and Kakashi as Izuku and Aizawa goes about how everyone expects, but as if Sasuke wouldn't follow Naruto into another world. Naturally, he would have to. Making Kakashi suffer is just a bonus.

    Sasuke reincarnates as Shoto, and is just not having it with Endeavor.

    Yes yes all the way fuck yes

    Sasuke comes into awareness as Shouto and is absolutely pissed about it because finally dying was supposed to mean getting to go to the Pure Lands for the rest of eternity with his Idiot not whatever the fuck this baby hands having bullshit is.

    But that just means he'll have to bide his time, get older and stronger and strike out and find his Idiot on his own as soon as he's capable in a couple of years because Sasuke refuses to believe he could ever be reborn into a time or place without Naruto. And if that has somehow happened? Well Sasuke has killed a god before, he's not against doing it again.

    And then, of course, Shouto-Sasuke walks in on one of Endeavor's "training sessions" and absolutely loses it. Because he'd been a shinobi yes and he'd grown and lived with all of the brutality that goes hand in hand with that but Sasuke had also been a father, had been, much to everyone's surprise, the soft parent to the hoard of children that he and Naruto had eventually had through various means. He'd helped train them, had loved them, nursed their wounds and even mourned their deaths when it became obvious that he and Naruto were far too Other to age on the same scale as even their beloved children had.

    He knows what real training between parent and child is supposed to look like and this is not it.

    By the time Shouto is 4 years old Endeavor is having a crisis because not only has Shouto suddenly decided he's the man of the house and taken to mother-henning his siblings but Enji's goddamn toddler threatened to kill him if he even looks at his siblings wrong again. And it only takes waking up one time to little chubby-cheeked Shouto holding a knife to his throat before Enji's pretty sure that, somehow, he not only means it but he'd probably succeed.