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    you guys should follow my “beyond birthday diary/personal journal-like” inspired blog @bb-qq-bb which is (supposedly) set during his time at wammy’s house. there are no ic entries yet, but i’m slowly trying to build the blog up to that point using pictures that provide a ‘moody(intentionally lonely/depressing)’ ambiance that (i hope) captures his thoughts and overall feelings/emotions during his stay at wammy’s. (( at least, in this/my particular interpretation. cause im all about tragedy)



      “Jumping jiminy Christmas! What in blue blazes are you doing here? It’s been far too long, old pal! Why don’t we catch up with a game of cards?” That Clown Prince of Crime done some card tricks with his old fashioned playing card deck. Looking at his rather demented compadre, the Jackanapes cackled, “Don’t get the collywobbles, this game will be a doozy!

    “Hmm,” with a mere placing of his finger against his chin, the thin man leaned forward to further inspect the cards that twisted and turned continuously in the jester’s hands.The thought of declining the offer had momentarily crossed his mind, but curiosity(which killed the cat) and pure interest had convinced him otherwise. 

    —This has to be some kind of trick

    “Sounds good.”             Too late to back out now..