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2020-12-31 22:32:54

    idk man ive been tryin this ‘twitter’ thing for a while now but it universally feels like unadulterated brain poison… i think the tendency to tie your twitter presence to your real identity and the ability to become verified mean that there is a critical mass of attractive people trying to become standup comics with irreverent tweets about dating apps and overprivileged brooklynite media people trying to build up clout. everyone is either trying to get a Netflix deal or trying to reply guy for liberal politicians hard enough that they can get noticed for it. even the tumblr adjacent hot takes people all seem to be doing it to build up clout with their local DSA chapter. not like here where people have god awful takes on everything just for the sheer pleasure of it, just for the art 


    That’s one thing I like about Tumblr, you gain nothing by making it big here. You can have a million followers and nobody will even know because you’re the only one who can see it. The best thing you can hope for is running ads for some of these ugly ass sweaters nobody ever clicks on, other than that all you will get is people sending you hate messages or people asking for pictures of your feet… Or both… In the same message…

    This was probably caused by incompetence rather tan good intentions but it still kinda saved tumblr from the plague of “influencers” you see on every other social media nowadays.


    Like by now people who don’t even know computers or smartphones (like my mom) know that there is a thing called a Face Book or a Twitter or a Instagram. But nobody’s even heard of tumblr, there are millions of people — young people too! people of all ages! — who have never heard of tumblr! If you aren’t On Tumblr you have no idea what it even is. Hell if you ARE on Tumblr you still don’t know what the hell it is to other people, because the experiences are so divided. Like there are entire sections of tumblr life that you don’t ever participate in or encounter in anyway, they stick to their own tags, people don’t reblog them outside of their circles, etc… It’s wild.