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    I am tired of hiding who I am. I am exposing myself as the true sissy girl I really am. Plus let's face it,I look better as a girl anyways 😘😘 Help show the world who this sissy is.


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    You said you would do anything if I was to unlock your clitty so you could cum.

    So I thought of a humiliating way for you to cum to see if you would agree.

    Full body shave, dressed as a baby girl, fully made up and diapered whilst holding a pissy enema.

    You can only cum once the enema is released and you will have to stay in the diaper for 24h.

    I did not think you would agree to this but look at you go sissy😂 I think I will keep you like this forever now.


    “ I WOULD DO ANYTHING TO CUM !!!!!!! “

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    Never pay for domination

    Listen up Slaves

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    “ THANK YOU !!!!!!!!! “


    “I, uh…”I mean. I…Uh…”


    “I don’t – uh…But – uh – I – oh”

    “Um… I think… uh…”

    “No! I…no I thought…”

    It was on the tip of her tongue.

    On the tip of her mind.

    But like a wisp of smoke she couldn’t grab it.

    I just… I’ve never, I don’t know how, I, I–

    “Yes. I mean… no… I… I just… it’s like I don’t

    “Uh… sorry, what??  I …don’t…”

    “I… uhm… I am a

    “… uh… I… wh.. What?”

    “Oh God, what am I…”

    Then a spark.

    “No. Who am I?”

    She had absolutely no idea.

    Then another spark.

    She smiled.

    “I know. I am mindless and I obey!”

    She giggled, “Yeah, that’s it.  I am mindless and I obey!”

    “That’s who I am! “

    Crisis solved.


    “ I... UH... I THINK... UHM...... I.... UH... THAT'S ME !!!..... YEAH.... THAT'S WHAT I AM...... A PERFECT..... UH.... DUMB... MINDLESS..... UHM OBEDIENT BIMBO BITCH !!!!!!....... YYEEEAAAAHHHH !!!!!!!...... “

    The change, part 1

    He awoke slowly...groggily. He looked down and saw he was naked. Worse than that, he felt something pulling on his balls. “Owh...” He realized he couldn’t close his mouth. He looked down and saw his hands were free. He tried to pull the strap from around his head, but he heard a padlock clack behind his head. He whimpered and began to groan. He also realized his feet weren’t tied. Why was he naked? More importantly: why wasn’t he tied up?

    He tried to make a run for the stairs. He got up the first step when suddenly he felt something in his ass catch. He screamed loudly before he nearly fell flat on his face. He looked down and saw a chain between his legs. He chain was connected to a butt plug. He tried to pull the plug, but all he could do was scream in pain as he gave in to the plug.

    He remembered what was pulling on his balls. He looked down again and saw a metal chastity device locked onto his dick. He walked back down into the basement he was in. He saw a mirror in he corner. He noticed he could walk over to that corner easily. Obviously he’d be spending his time there. He noticed he was ring gagged, but more than that his goatee had been cleanly shaven off. He also noticed a black collar that was locked onto his neck.

    He heard a door open, then close, then someone walking down the stairs. “Good morning, slave.” He looked at her trying to picture her. She wiped a string of drool from his chest and rubbed it in his face. “Kneel,” she commanded, as she took a bite of her sandwich. He stared at her defiantly. Suddenly, he felt a pulling from the back of his neck as he groaned in pain. “Kneel,” she repeated.

    He reluctantly obeyed her. She looked him over, noticing the precum leaking from his cage. “You can come upstairs with me and have a sandwich, when you decide you don’t want to leave,” she said. Almost as if in response, his stomach growled. She smiled and went back to the top of the stairs. She came back with two big bowls: one bowl with yellowish looking water, the other with a gray looking sludge. “Enjoy dinner,” she said as she watched.

    He sat down and picked up the bowl. He yelped in pain. “Don’t use your hands,” she said. He looked at the bowl, then her as he realized what she wanted. He got on all fours and buried his face in the slop. He drank some water, tasting piss. He started to cry as she watched him.

    To be continued...

    She looked up at him, a primal fear in her eyes. She wasn’t sure how long he’d been tracking her, learning her routines, waiting on her to slip up. The important thing, to him anyway, is that she did. Her muffled protests through the layers of duct tape holding her wet panties in her mouth did nothing to deter him.

    She tried to scream in protest as he drew his knife. She was scared...rightfully so. Instead of cutting her throat, or the ropes he’d bound her with, he cut a hole in her dress. He savagely pulled her clothing to shreds...exposing her ample bosom to the light of the night. She cried as his hands groped and fondled her body, and she was helpless to stop him.

    She eventually laid in the back of the van naked, helpless, and totally exposed. He bound her ankles to the headrests on the seat, exposing her tight little pussy for all to see. Her heavy breathing, the stretch he forced her to endure, and the primal fear running through her body all excited her...or maybe it was the unexpected fingers she felt slip inside her little fuckhole that made her jump. She moaned into her gag; a mix of fear, excitement, and helplessness. She was spared his fingers as he settled behind the wheel. He aimed his mirror at her as he proceeded to drive away.

    Twenty minutes later, they arrived...somewhere. He had turned on the air conditioning halfway through their trip, forcing the sweat along her body to cool, and her nipples to get hard. He slowly turned around to look at her. He unbuckled his seatbelt and climbed back into the back. She could see his raging boner through his pants. He opened his fly and rubbed himself as he rubbed her. She tried to scream through her gag as she felt him penetrate him. She moaned, a mix of fear, pleasure, and defeat. He ravaged her. Part of her liked it. Enough of her liked it. She stopped fighting him and rocked her hips with him the best she could.

    He sped up, his breathing got heavier, and he started moaning. She could tell he was about to cum...which made her squirt on his cock almost instantly. The added lubricant helped him. He bunched his body as his cock pulsed and twitched inside her. She moaned as she felt him pump her full of hot cum. He slipped out of her and made eye contact. “You’re gonna love my friends,” he said as he slapped her tits. She protested in her gag again, trying desperately to get loose, which made her tits jiggle.