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    My Clit - My Pussy

    When you walk by me, you think I am all man. I look, sound, and act very masculine. Not intentionally … it is my nature. So little would you know that sexually I am all feminine. When I become sexually aroused I don’t see a dick, I see a highly charged, extra large and swollen clit. It’s on the small side for a dick at 4 1/2″. But I wouldn’t want it any bigger. Smaller yes … because I am naturally a total bottom and have no use for a big, or even average sized dick. If I could have it inverted into a real man-pussy I would do it in a second. And although I don’t want big boobs, I enjoy wearing panties and a bra. And I wear very feminine underwear and panties full-time. And I love wearing my sports bra as much as I can, especially at home.  I don’t want to look like a woman. I have no interest in being transgender or a drag queen. I like looking and acting like a guy on the outside of my home. Yet in the home, I admit, I like being the “wife”, the “mommy”, and taking care of my man. So if my man calls my dick “a hot big clit” I get all fucking crazy hot and bothered. If he looks at me in my eyes and tells me that he want’s to tear my pussy up and work at getting me pregnant, filling me up with his seed, I quiver like a little school girl. For now … my ass is my pussy. Ready to take a breeding from my man. Even when we both know that my pussy is barren, we will always keep trying. For I am a man with a pussy and a clit.


    This is so how I feel!!!




    Yes, this could be my mantra


    The Truth for “Us”! ❤️❤️❤️