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    Stop buying toys and gear from Am@z0n. Support LITERALLY ANYONE ELSE instead.

    This is a repost from my old blog–with updates! Here is a massive list of recommendations of shops across the board. I put an emphasis on queer- or women-owned/focused shops but not all have been vetted or verified. Starred (***) shops are ones I have personally shopped at or my friends recommend. I focused on quality materials and reasonable (but not always cheap) pricing.

    You have no excuse to be buying sex toys off of Am@z0n when all of these shops exist. Most Etsy shops offer free shipping on purchases over $35!


    Shops that sell a variety of toys, tools, and gear

  • Stockroom***
  • The Pleasure Chest***
  • Good Vibrations
  • Babeland***
  • Sugar
  • Good For Her
  • Come As You Are
  • Smitten Kitten
  • Wet For Her
  • Early To Bed***
  • She Bop
  • Knotty Vibes
  • New York Toy Collective***
  • Oxy Shop Shibari
  • Oh My Butt Plug
  • SheVibe

    Shops that sell realistic or standard-shaped toys

  • Tantus Inc.***
  • Uberrime
  • Portland Toy Company
  • Seductive Stones TR
  • Lee Nee Mee Nee
  • Gem’s Little Pink Box
  • Dong Deals NY

    Shops that sell fantasy-themed or non-standard toys. Alternatives to B@d Dr@g0n.

  • Qimera Forge
  • Twin Tail Creations***
  • Primal Hardwere***
  • Fantasy Dangus
  • Xeno Cat Artifacts
  • New Folklore Silicone
  • Strange Bedfellas
  • Pleasure Forge
  • Shapely Toys
  • Sinnovator
  • Pheonixflame Forge
  • Northern Fantasy Toys
  • JoyFlex Toys
  • Geeky Sex Toys
  • Lovecrafters Toys
  • Frisky Labz
  • Nerd Climax
  • Bad Wolf PL
  • Nameless Angel Works
  • Fantasticocks***
  • Self Delve
  • Concocktions
  • The Crafty Hedonist
  • Built Up Beasts
  • Fairy Lust Fantasy
  • Nawty ToyBox
  • Wandering Bard Toys***
  • Senmurv Studios
  • Deep Fantasies
  • Wildo’s Dildos
  • Vaa Char
  • HC Fantasies
  • Cultured Fiction Labs
  • Zlotech
  • Masterwork Toys
  • Love Smiths
  • Neotori Customs and Hoard
  • Desire Toys
  • Manufuktory
  • Top Notch Dongs

    Shops that specialize in leather tools and gear

  • Blue Velvet Leather
  • Leather or Knot
  • Decoria Belle
  • Spill Adornment***
  • RACK Leather Goods
  • Harness by Olga Ku
  • Gestalt Fetishwear
  • RHEA Leathercrafts***
  • Xenolux
  • The Brig Leather Co.
  • Unicorn Collaborators
  • Dirty Darlings Leather
  • Ideologia
  • Bound Aries Leather
  • Simply Kink
  • Leather or Knot
  • Restrained Grace***

    Shops that specialize in leather alternative gear and tools–vegan friendly!

  • Beastly Bootique
  • GNAT***
  • Liquorice And Lace
  • PlayVegan
  • Kinky Nerd Toys

    Shops that sell lingerie and other undergarments

  • Origami Customs***
  • Gender Bender LLC
  • Shapeshifters***
  • GC2B***
  • TomboyX***
  • Rebirth Garments***
  • Carmen Liu Lingerie
  • JBC Lingerie
  • PlayOut Apparel
  • Pyramid Seven
  • Marco Marco Underwear
  • Girls Will Be Boys Clothing
  • RodeoH***
  • Cantiq
  • Rogue & Worthy
  • Create Havoq
  • bigboobedstud

    Reposting this so I always have the list…. I haven’t confirmed any of these myself, but I applaud the sentiment…. I have every intention of checking all of these out.


    This is your playlist, girl

    These are subliminal tracks to help you be more comfortable about and embrace your femininity, and helps you take positive steps toward your future.

    WARNING: Lasting effects on your thoughts, emotions, and behavior are possible. Listen only if you’re sure this is right for you.

    (DO NOT listen while driving, riding a bike, or doing anything where you need to be aware of what’s happening around you!)

    Listen at work with your headphones on.

    Listen while walking. Listen while working out. Listen while you’re at the beach. Listen while cleaning the home. Listen while grocery shopping. Listen while doing your laundry. Listen while on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…Listen all day, whatever you’re doing.

    These are subliminal tracks with music and/or sound effects (like rain or ocean waves). If a track distracts you, listen for a moment, then refocus on your work. Your subconscious will listen for you.


    I’m reblogging this so I have the links for later..