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    Everyone should know the international sign for Help Me. Let’s make this famous!!


    Interesting; I didn’t know this was a thing.


    It’s apparently a thing, but it’s a very new thing, so it may need some help being known.



    Never reblog so fast in my life,


    At 1:23 PM, Stacy Goodman, daughter of a successful tech tycoon, disappeared from her hotel room. Two hours later, her father received an email from an anonymous source. The email contained a ransom letter demanding 20 million dollars and an unmarked hyperlink.

    The hyperlink led to a public livestream of Stacy. She was stripped down to her underwear and bound in stocks. Two women surrounded her. Smiling, the two women began to tickle Miss Goodman. They started at her pits, causing her to beg for mercy between bouts of desperate, squealing laughter. After ten minutes, they switched to her feet, scrubbing her oiled soles with brushes.

    FBI agents were stationed to monitor the stream constantly. They observed a few disturbing facts, namely that the stream was indeed live, was streamed onto a website any member of the public could access, and that the streams had quite an audience following. They also discovered that poor Stacy’s torment was almost constant with the streams playing constant, running from 8 AM to midnight.

    Due to her father’s greedy reluctance to part with his money, it was a full eight days before the ransom demands were met. The money was left in a disclosed location and Stacy was returned home. She is currently undergoing psychological recovery at St. Feather Memorial Hospital.

    Recordings if her streams are known to still linger on the dark net. It is also believed the kidnappers are still at large, evident but the occasional tickling stream popping up online


    She can barely STAND being tickled...

    I'm not proud of that, but anyways:

    Just saying, placing your Lee in a standing position with their arms raised and tied to something is definitely a quirky and fun way to torture them. Whichever side you're on, itll be a blast.

    You either get to:

  • watch your Lee helplessly try and pull their arms down while also trying not to lose their balance, maybe she'll try climbing the stocks too. Either way, you're in for a fun show of desperation.
  • OR...

  • You get to have your arms tied above your head, your underarms and body mercilessly tickled as you thrash and scream, but also you get the added joy of having to keep standing upright.
  • It's fun for everyone! Also standing behind your Lee while tickling them is a power move and you can't change my mind.


    I- hmmm fosbdjdbde 🙈🙈🥺🥺