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    Your sister. The beach. Your friends’ snapchats

    Summer 2k19 is here bitcheeeees! Beaches, ice cream, clubbing, pussies…but not for you! You stay home as you broke your hands. But your best friends are out there enjoying the sun and the hot bodies. You were jealous as they sent you pics of their summer life. One day they sent you a snap. ‘Not again’ you say to yourself thinking that they will send you pics from the beach. You open the pic sent from your black friend Drew. And you were right…kinda…

    Looks familiar don’t you think? Well your asian friend Cheng gave you one more hint…

    Wait. It can’t be…

    Then Drew gave the answer

    Why she wore a bikini like that? And why your friends acted like jerks? Not even a minute later…

    Ok ok…your friends are jerks and her bikini are kinda slutty. But that doesn’t mean she’s gonna act slutty right?

    Next snap was this one…

    Well that’s not twerking right? She’s dancing right? It’s not like she’s shaking her ass to get noticed right?

    SHOCK!!! Your sweet little sister posing naked for your friends!

    oh wait. She is just posing…right?

    Oh my god. She went to a hotel with your friends! WHY? She knows they are your best friends! Will they…will they fuck her?

    That answers your question…


    You have a text from your sister