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    A letter from Aunt Ewa

    It all started after one incident .

    My aunt Ewa, she is a very beautiful woman and for some reason she was not always lucky with men. We often met with her, especially on weekends when my parents and I come to visit her. I was always there for her. But then we left and didn't see each other for more than a month, I'm at school with my brother, my parents are at work and my aunt is at her modeling agency. Everything would be fine , but one day something interesting happened , coming home after school . I opened my computer and saw that I received an email . It was a picture , from Aunt Ewa . Before that, I had communicated with her many times by e-mail and no doubt opened the letter.

    And what was my surprise when I saw this picture. My aunt shone her huge tits in front of my face, I froze in surprise and did not know what to do. I also didn't know what it meant. I was also prevented from understanding by my younger brother who burst into the room and I turned off the computer.

    An hour later we went to bed, my parents also fell asleep, and I lay there and could not believe that Aunt Ewa had sent me her photo. what is it. Maybe she got the wrong address and it wasn't meant for me, but then I'll have problems if I see her. I will need to hide this fact from her. But lying down, I was greatly tormented by the desire to look at the photo again, I quietly got up and, trying not to wake my younger brother, went to the computer. Turning it on, I sat down on a chair and covered the monitor with a pillow from my brother so that the bright light would not wake him up, I started looking for this letter. When I opened it again, I looked at her body with interest, especially her breasts. Aunt Ewa 's tits were just huge , big beautiful breasts with big areoles. I love these. They just won me over, considering the fact that I had never seen them before. I looked at them and They seemed bigger and bigger. In the photo , Aunt Ewa looked directly into the camera as if she was deliberately seducing someone . For sure, she took this photo herself at home, but it obviously shouldn't have come to me, because it's not possible I'm her nephew, she couldn't send it to me. With my penis sticking out , I lay back in bed and began to imagine my aunt next to me . Then I didn't notice how I fell asleep.

    In the morning I took my younger brother to school and went home myself, because I was free from classes for that day. When I got home, I went back to the post office and started looking with interest to see if there was anything else. and no matter how much I wanted letters from Aunt Ewa did not come, and I felt a little scared because she probably guessed that I had received her letter.

    A week later, my parents said that we were going to visit Aunt Ewa again, and set out on the road, while I was driving, I imagined many times how I would justify myself to her what I would say. But I couldn't find the right words. When we arrived, we entered the house, the house should be noted at Aunt Ewa's big one, she tastefully made the furniture in it for her as a fashion designer it was not difficult to do. Entering the house, Aunt Ewa came out to meet us, hugging her parents, she led them into the hall, and then looked at me strangely..

    It seemed that now she would start scolding me, but as if nothing had happened, she smiled and hugged me, pressing her huge tits to my face and said that she was very glad to see me.

    Then we went to our parents. Two hours later, my parents decided to take a walk in the park and left me with Aunt Ewa to help her clean up the table. I stayed and was in suspense all the time because of this photo, sometimes when my aunt was cleaning the table, I had the opportunity to contemplate her breasts slightly peeking out in a small slit of her shirt. Then I quickly removed my gaze so that my aunt would not see and continued to clean up the dishes.

    For a second I lost sight of my aunt and went to the sink and started washing dishes, only five minutes later I heard something creak behind me. I turned around and saw the painting. Aunt Ewa, smiling and saying nothing, half unbuttoned her shirt, looked into my eyes.

    Then she opened it completely and I saw her breasts completely. It was an incredible sight, two huge tits fell out in front of my face. I didn't know what to do and was even scared at first, but her peaceful smile calmed me down. She continued to stare at me in silence . she came closer and began to shake her huge tits . And this piercing gaze directed in my direction , as if telling me -

    - Well , be brave hon. You want this?

    Then she leaned against the wall and lifted her skirt a little, stroking herself between her legs, as if seducing me. I almost fell, all her splendor in front of me, the reaction to this immediately became visible on my penis. My dick stood up like a stone and looked in her direction, I covered him with my hand so that my aunt would not notice.

    But she continued and started caressing herself in front of my face and then I snapped.

    Going up to her, I grabbed her tits and pulled them up to me and began to crumple them, lick them, suck them, and she just stood there without saying anything and waited for the continuation. I sucked first the left tit, then the right, squeezed them together. Aunt Ewa pressed me to her chest with her hand , and with her other hand she gently stroked my erect penis . I crushed her tits and bit her nipples , which sometimes made her shudder and moan . Pulling up her skirt to the top and pulling out a dick . I drove it into her vagina and began to fuck her convulsively.

    Moans were heard all over the house , but I didn 't care , from the sharp jerks her tits jumped high up and fell down with a heavy load , slapping and making obscene sounds . I used to dive headfirst into her tits sometimes . So snuggled up to each other and leaning on the wall we fucked for about five minutes , then I caught her gaze, and stopped - she was looking down at me and it was clear from her eyes that she was kind of asking me

    - What next ?

    Moving back and out of her pussy, I pulled Aunt Ewa down by the hand and forced her to squat down, now she was at the bottom and I was above her, twisting the penis. I looked into her eyes, came closer, and shoved my cock into her mouth, her eyes still looked at me, and allowed me to do it with her.

    Pressing her head with the back of her head against the wall, I began to hammer her in the mouth while she was pulling herself between her legs. My cock completely went crazy in her mouth and penetrated right down her throat . Since he was greasy and covered in drool , the penis popped out of her mouth . But she brought him back herself and began to suck him with even more force . It was great , I 've never experienced this before . Passion took possession of me and I grabbed her by the head and began to hammer her in the mouth with all my strength. Preventing her from even breathing . Tears flowed from her eyes, thick streams of saliva flowed from her mouth, and the sounds she made at that moment just drove me crazy. Then she abruptly put her hand on me and pushed me away .

    Apparently I overdid it and she had absolutely nothing to breathe. My cock burst out of Aunt Ewa's hot mouth. She moaned loudly and began to breathe heavily . I stood and looked at her, her mascara running down her face. She was covered in drool with difficulty catching her breath , she took my cock in her hand and shoved it between her tits . I started moving my pelvis fucking her gorgeous huge tits . Which I 've been dreaming about all week .

    She squeezed them with her hands, which gave me great pleasure. Fucking Aunt Ewa's tits was very nice . She lowered her head and tried to reach the head of the penis with her tongue. And then she started sucking him at all while I fucked her big and soft tits.

    From this sight I could not resist, I shouted

    - Aunt Ewa I'm cumming.

    She quickly took the penis and began to masturbate it right on her face . A second later, a jet of thick hot sperm hit Aunt Ewa right in the face, she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, directing the next shot straight into her mouth. Cum flowed like a river , I finished in her mouth on her face on her huge tits . I poured my cum all over her, I've never cum so much before. I groaned, and the last drop fell right on her snow-white chest.

    Aunt Ewa was kneeling in front of me, her face, hair and breasts were covered in my sperm. She swallowed the rest of cum in her mouth raised her head and said.

    - It was an amazing nephew . We must definitely repeat this . You were good ๐Ÿ’•

    And then we heard someone opening the door

    - It looks like your parents have returned.

    - Quickly hide in the kitchen .

    I ran to the kitchen , and a half - naked Aunt Ewa ran to the bathroom. Where immediately started taking a shower . I put on my pants and poured myself a glass of juice and drank it in one gulp.

    My parents went into the kitchen and asked asked me

    - How are you son ?

    - Everything is fine .

    - Where 's Aunt Ewa ?

    - I don 't know, maybe in her room.

    Then my mom and I sat down on the sofa and started watching TV.

    At that moment Aunt Ewa came into the hall. So fresh, so beautiful, as if nothing had happened between us half an hour ago.

    I sat there and couldn 't believe what had happened to me . I had sex with my aunt. It was just unbelievable .

    To be continued...


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