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    “You know, I kinda like this whole ‘being taller than my boyfriend’ thing” Gen said, looming over you.

    “I mean, I kinda like it too,” you replied. She was nearly 8 feet tall and her gigantic boobs were at head level.

    “Does that mean I can up my dose and get even bigger?”

    You thought about it for a few seconds. A bigger Gen meant more money spent on clothes and food. But, bigger boobs meant more tits to tit-fuck.

    “Yeah, go ahead,” you said, outweighing the long term complications with short term giantess sex.

    “Aw, babe,” Gen said, bringing you into a hug.

    You tried to muffle some loving words but it was hard to say anything between tits bigger than your head.

    Ever since you spiked the water cooler the cheer team drank from with Grow-X watching them practice had become rather exhausting. Each session they were a little bigger and a little curvier than the last, and that made hiding your massive erection while you filmed them for the school webpage even harder.

    It got even worse when one girl had the jug dumped on her. You didn't see her for a week, then on spring break you ran into her on the beach

    "I know what you did to the water jug" she told you as she pulled you under the pier. "And unless you want me to tell everyone, you're gonna triple the dose!" She had to stop for a moment, moaning as her already tight bikini was pulled across her still expanding body. "All the girls are loving growing, and as team captain it's my job to keep moral high" she said pinning to to one of the pillars "do we have a deal?"


    “God damnit.” Nora said. “Why won’t this god damn shirt fit?” She tugged on the hem, trying to get the fabric to cover her belly button.

    “Babe, you got that strange boob disease so maybe you should buy some new clothes.”

    “It’s not that,” She said, still struggling to tuck the shirt into her pants. It was stretched so thin you could see her bra through the fabric. Said bra was overwhelmed as it is, soft tit flesh bubbling over the cups.

    “You sure? That thing looks like it’s not up to the task.”

    “Relax, I know this thing should fit. It’s not like I got that much bigger since I bough it.”

    “You bought it yesterday, babe.”

    “Oh, piss off.” She replied, still not able to stretch the fabric over her huge boobs. “Fuck it!” Her hands released her grip on the hem, which tented over her abdomen.

    “Guess I’ll just have to deal” She said, looking down at her breasts overflowing the cups, giving up on trying to adequately clothe her basketball sized breasts.

    You weren’t that upset. All the supplements you were sneaking into her food were far exceeding your expectations. You just hoped your income was able to keep up with Nora’s expanding breasts.


    Stacy couldn’t believe it as she watched her mom growing larger and larger. The poor shirt was starting to showcase a healthy amount of underboob as the older woman reached the 8 foot mark in height. Stacy was just standing their staring at the largest breasts she had ever seen.

    “Oh goodness, what’s going on with me?” Meredith said as she reached up and squeezed the sidie of her tits. After a moment Meredith looked to Stacy and all of the shocked guest at her daughter’s 19 birthday party. “Sorry everyone, I think the party is over and I need to figure out what’s going on here.”

    As she was talking meredith’s clothes began to lose the battle to her growing body. As her shirt slide up and revealed her mountainous breasts to the crowd there was a gasps from a few as they saw her massive erect nipples almost as big as anyone’s head. Stacy continued in stunned silence as her mom bumped  her head on the ceiling as her skirt and panties started tearing.

    “Ooh okay gals, y’all need to get out of here quick before I get too indecent” Meredith said as she shooed the last of stacy’s friends out of the house. Just as she shut the door the panties lost the battle and ripped off, flying past stacy’s head over her shoulder. As she watched her mother crawling on hands and knees, breasts smooshing into the floor as her head was once against threatening to bump the ceiling. 

    Stacy finally managed to pick up her phone and record some of her mom’s growing.Getting angry as she watched her mother play with her giant, van sized breasts saying “I bet my hubby is going to be very happy when he gets home.”  Sending it off to her boyfriend as her mom begins to crack and break the roof off the the house with her growing mass with the text. “Made a birthday wish for your biggest dream to come true... Why the fuck isn’t this me asshole?!”

    [happy new year everyone, wishing y’all the best in 2020.]


    Aubrey moaned and smiled as her chest tingled and grew warmer and warmer. She kept her eyes close the whole time like Brad made her promise to do.It was a little odd, at first the feeling of warmth was building in her breasts, but now Aubrey felt like there was a much larger mass of warmth then her little breasts should of felt like. Seconds after it all faded away she opened her eyes. “Okay what the he…. she stopped mid sentence as she looked around and couldn’t find Brad anywhere. “where is he….” She then looked down and saw her tiny tits had grown many times larger and were straining her bikini top. “HOLY SHIT!” she shouted loudly as she grabbed them and gave them a few jiggles and shakes by hand to make sure they were really there. “Brad….Brad!!… well if he’s not here, guess I’ll try and go down to the pool and see if that former miss big tits susan is there to gawk at my new glory. I just wish I knew what Brad did to cause this and where he’s at now for more of it.” With that she stretched her hands high above her head   before getting up and bumping her head on the umbrella  and suddenly realizing she was much taller too. “Okay, find Brad at some point and  get more of whatever caused this.” 


    “I don’t really know what I did to catch this, but the doctors are still unsure what it is.” Patient zero said as she sat before the journalist.

    Samara was barely writing anything down as she was lost in thoughts about being as big as zero was.

    “If I don’t get my daily treatments they start growing again which is why I’m living in this facility till the doctors figure out how to stop this for good.”

    Samara just nodded along as she scribbled away before snapping out of it when zero busted into laughter.

    “you really seem to enjoy my ample body.” zero said with a hidden smile.

    Samara nodded with a slowly spreading smile across her face. “Being so smal I couldn’t help but think about being tall and thicc like you. It’s got to be great”

    “It is” Zero said happily. “If you want… I could share my gift with you?” 

    Samara almost snapped her neck she nodded so quick and fast. “but how would we do that?”

    Zero pulled aside her mask and beckoned Samara over. “Give me a kiss and I promise You’ll be bigger tomorrow morning.” 

    Samara got up and climbed into zero’s lap so she could reach up over the massive mountain of breasts before her and lock lips with the giant woman. Slipping her tongue in to lick around and ensure she would catch this new virus.

    After hopping off of zero’s lap Samara smiled back at her and blushed a little. “Please don’t tell them about this..” She then looked at her camera guy as she walked out. “You’re coming with me and we’re going to talk about how you’re not going to spill the beans on this.”

    “Enjoy the bigness” Zero said as Samara was leaving the room.

    “I’m getting tingly … is that a good sign?” Samara said as she paused at the door before opening it.

    “It’s the best of signs” zero said with a grin as she slipped her mask back on.

    Samara grinned and walked out. Her and her camera man remained quiet as they left the building but as they were talking the elevator to the garage Samara began to grow. Her head rising up from the top of her head being chin level to Mark’s shoulder to now looking him directly in the eyes. Her growing breasts tore at her shirt causing her dark skin to look like stripes among the light blue top. As her pants began tearing around her hips and her zipper and button failed she came to a stop from her first growth spurt. 

    “Holy shit that felt amazing, okay mark we’ll totally work out a deal for any footage you got…mark?” As samara looked down she saw mark had been struck by the button of her pants and was out cold. She bent down and picked him up with ease. Carrying him to the van and giggling as she felt another tingling growing throughout her body.