Fantasy of the Day: How to Netflix & Chill

    Whatcha going to need is:

  • TV & Netflix Access - For obvious reasons.
  • Snacks - For some light munching.
  • Rope - To keep your date from leaving early/fighting for the remote.
  • Gag - To keep your date from complaining about what show/movie was picked.
  • Foot Stool - To stay comfortable and relaxed during the viewing!
  • Intentionally pick something boring:

  • Establish Bordom - Put on something bad, this will the attention off Netflix and instead focus it on each other.
  • First Move - Nudge in closer, if they don't move away keep pressing forward.
  • Play Time - The light is green, bond with a tickle fight until the showing is finished.
  • Assert Dominance - Put your feet/shoes in their face. No specific reason, its just fun.
  • Relax and begin binge watching:

  • Reposition Footrest - Time for both of you to get comfortable again.
  • Snack Refill - For obvious reasons.
  • Select New/Favorite Show - Time to choose something really worth your time.
  • Threats - If your date continues to be rude, blindfold them and put on a foreign film.
  • Enjoy - You can now, as they say, "Chill".
  • youshouldbrude

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