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    Aussie Lessons

    Rahart Adams read that men have a p-spot. That intrigued him and the first hunk to come to mind to try it out was Brenton Thwaites.

    Brenton had hinted numerous times that he wanted to tap his ass, but he’d always joked it away.

    Now he sent Brenton an MMS with a condom in his mouth. Brenton was pleased to see the fellow Austrailian had gotten the size right. He was overjoyed that he’d finally get fuck the cute boy.

    Later that evening, Rahart did scream Brenton’s name as the fat cock brought him over the edge just from pummeling his ass.

    A few days later, Brenton bumped into Rahart again on the street. Seeing the pained longing in Brenton’s eyes, Rahart assured him it wasn’t the last time he’d let him plow him…