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    100 Sizzling Dares for Couples Who Want to Spice Up Their Marriage!

    To play: Put 100 numbers in a bowl.  Pick one. Complete that dare within one week. Alternate turns picking.  You must complete the dare no matter what it is!

    1.   You orgasm on your lover’s face.

    2.   Your lover orgasms on your face.

    3.   She sucks on his balls while he masturbates to orgasm.

    4.   You give your lover oral while they’re driving.

    5.    For the next week, the only way you are both allowed to orgasm is with the use of sex toys. You cannot touch your genitals or your lover’s genitals with your skin but you can use a toy on them.

    6.    Have quickie sex at one of your places of employment.

    7.    He must wear panties underneath his pants when you go out at night.

    8.    Use hot wax.

    9.    Wrestle naked: You win by placing a finger up your lover’s ass.

    10. Do the nasty in the snow or rain!

    11.   Go out with a vibrating toy in you. Talk and flirt with attractive strangers  while your lover controls the toy.

    12.  She wears a strap-on and gives him some intensive pegging action.

    13.  Purchase the largest dildo you can find and see how much of it she can take.

    14.  She goes out with no bra or panties on, she smiles at anyone who notices.  

    15.  He cums on her chest and licks it up.

    16.  You tie your lover up and dominate them!

    17.  She licks his cum off his body.

    18. Have sex in the parking lot of a sex toy store.

    19. Your lover blindfolds you and does whatever they want.

    20.  Have sex in a car.

    21.  Either get or receive a rim job. Your choice!

    22.  He uses a penis extender to give her a little something extra.

    23.  You make up a story about you fucking or sucking someone else while you make your lover orgasm.

    24.  You become your lover’s sex slave for an evening.  Remember, anything goes!

    25.  He cums in her mouth, she then “snowballs” it to him, and then you both snowball back and forth at least 3 times.

    26.  Host an “interrogation” – you tie your lover up and “torture” them with pleasure as they answer naughty questions.

    27.  You let your lover piss on your chest.

    28.  Betting time!  She bets him that she can make him cum in 10 minutes and tells him a punishment if she wins (licking her clean, etc.).  If she wins, punish him!

    29.  Wear a butt plug out at night.

    30. You force your lover to masturbate exactly how you want them to.  Punish them if they disobey.

    31. Tease your lover until they are begging you to make them cum.

    32.  Read your lover an erotic story of your choosing while they are forced to masturbate regardless of what it is.

    33. Ask your lover what their deepest, darkest fantasy is and make it happen!

    34. He cums into the crotch of her panties.  She then wears them out.

    35.  You fuck your own ass with a dildo while your lover watches.

    36.  She gives him a handjob, then rolls his bottom half above his head and tells him he can only cum if he finishes on  his own face.

    37.  Handjob day.  She must tease him with as many handjobs as possible all day long with no orgasm before giving him the ultimate handjob with an orgasm only in the evening.

    38. Hang a sheet with hole in it and role play that you’re strangers at a glory hole.

    39. After your loves cums, keep stimulating them and see what happens.

    40. He fills both of her holes with a cock, dildo, vibrator, finger, etc. until she cums.

    41. Do some role play (doctor/patient, teacher/student, stepmom/stepson,  boss/employee, horny housewife/delivery man, etc.). Pick whatever you want!

    42.  She gives him a ruined orgasm by sucking his cock.  As he is having his ruined orgasm, blow on his cock (don’t let him cum normally afterward).

    43. You lick your lover clean after they piss (no toilet paper allowed).

    44. She ruins his orgasm.  She then takes her finger through the cum and rubs it slowly all over his lips.  Other variations after a ruined orgasm include licking up his cum and kissing him, feeding it to him, etc. She then tells him she won’t finish him properly unless he begs for his cum.

    45. Go to a strip club together.  She buys him a lap dance.  Check to see if got hard, and if so, at home, she should tease and deny him, and see if cums while she talks about the stripper.

    46. Sit one in front of the other and masturbate.  Try your best to have an  orgasm at the exact same time.

    47.  Have sex in a pool or hot tub.

    48. She must flash a stranger (it can seem accidental or on purpose) like up-skirt  without panties, a nipple slip, etc.).

    49. Go to a strip club together.  He buys her a lap dance and checks to see if she got wet afterward. If so, but her another lap dance.

    50 He ties her to the bed and teases and denies her.  After that she will have to suck his cock to an orgasm.

    51. Wake your lover up with oral.

    52.  Have penetrative sex in a room with no light at all (start fully clothed with sexy stuff).

    53. Fuck in public!

    54. Have sex in a room with the curtains open, it must be possible to see you from outside.

    55.  She must have an orgasm outside, he can help her but he cannot cum.

    56. He must have an orgasm outside, she can help him but she cannot cum.

    57.  Have sex in a bathtub.

    58. No nudity today, tease each other without removing any clothing and without touching under the clothes. Be as sexy as you want, and orgasm through your clothes only.

    59. Have sex in a shower.

    60. She must flash him her pussy in a public place with people nearby.

    61.  She must flash him her tits in a public place with people nearby.

    62.  He must be tied then teased and denied, she can orgasm, but he cannot.

    63. For the next week, he is not allowed to cum, and she can orgasm as often as she needs/wants to.  She must tease and deny him as often as she wants.

    64. Have foreplay all day long, everything is allowed except orgasm and penetrative sex.  At the end of the day, you both must orgasm.

    65. She must ruin 3 of his orgasms before picking a new dare.

    66. Titty fuck with pearl necklace ending.

    67.  She must wear a skirt and remove her panties while she is outdoor with people not too far away.

    68. Before she will be allowed her next orgasm, she must make him cum in 3 of the following places: on her feet, on her pussy, on her tits, on her face, in her ass, in her mouth (her choice).

    69. He must have an orgasm with the least possible stimulation.  She should tease him without touching his cock for a long time and only tease his cock softly and gently. He must cum without real stimulation.

    70. Threaten to fuck him hard up the ass if he doesn’t make you cum properly!  If he doesn’t, follow through.

    71.  She sits on his cock while she masturbates.  He isn’t allowed to move.

    72.  She must give him a “prostate orgasm” using only his ass (using her finger, a dildo, vibrator, or strap-on) without cock stimulation.

    73.  Watch porn videos together from the “BDSM” category.  You pick your favourite video and do it.

    74. Make a sextape (you can delete it afterward if you want).

    75.  She makes him ruin his own orgasm (do not let him orgasm normally afterward no matter what).    

    76.  She gives him a blowjob while fucking his ass with a dildo.

    77.  Facefuck your lover/sit on his face!

    78.  She must make him cum in her mouth.  She doesn’t swallow and instead give him a French kiss sharing his cum.

    79.  She must masturbate in front of him until she has an orgasm. It’s only a foreplay for him, no orgasm.

    80. Buy sexy lingerie together, he picks whatever he wants, and she wears it for him later.

    81.  Do a clothed/naked photoshoot. He is the photograph and she’s the one stripping. Take a picture for every item of clothing she removes.

    82. Sext while masturbating.

    83. She must make him cum using only her tongue and lips (no hands, no inside of mouth).

    84. He must make her cum using only his tongue and lips (no hands).

    85. Teasing Lingerie Day!  As long as you are alone at home, she must only wear sexy lingerie. No sex or sexual stimulation for both of you today though.

    86. He must cum in her pussy and he then has to clean her pussy free of cum using his mouth and tongue.

    87.  “Squirt” on him.

    88. He eats her pussy from the back.

    89. For the next week, he is not allowed to orgasm or to touch any sexual part of her body.  She must also have as many orgasms as possible via masturbation, but always in front of him to tease him.

    90. Watch some porn videos and reproduce your favourite scene.

    91.  Fuck at a party/someone else’s house.

    92. Ask a stranger (a forum, chat room, real life) what your next day should be  sexually (some people might give you some very kinky ideas).

    93. He must try to make her cum by stimulating only her anus (penetration not required).  She cannot have any stimulation on her pussy.

    94. She tells him that he has a certain number of strokes to cum while masturbating.  If he can’t cum using those strokes, he doesn’t get to come (or if you still let him cum, punish him somehow).

    95. Tie up your lover and take their ass!

    96. She rides him. Tell him if he cums before you do, you are going to sit on his face, and he needs to lick you clean until you have an orgasm.

    97.  He eats her pussy (sitting on his face) then she teases and denies him.

    98. 69!

    99. She is not allowed to wear panties for 24 hours, skirt or dress is mandatory!

    100.  She sits on his cock.  Neither person is allowed to move.  Her orgasm must be via masturbation. He has 3 warnings. If he moves his hips to obtain stimulation more than 3 times before her orgasm, he will be denied.  Otherwise, she will move very, very, very slowly at an always constant beat until he cums.

    Techniques For Hotwives

    This is awesome. Just pure awesome. Thanks Albany Hotwife! 


    Techniques For Hotwives; I absolutely love being a hotwife. One of the best parts for me is driving my husband insane with lust for me by giving him just the right blend of teasing and reassurance. Not only do I get the freedom and variety of choosing my own sexual partners, but I also get a husband who burns with desire for me. For the purpose of this entry I’m going to use the term hotwife for any wife with permission to play, cuckoldress for a hotwife who emphasizes her dominance in the sexual relationship, huband for the hotwife’s primary partner (could easily be a fiance or boyfriend), and lover for the other sex partner who’s not the husband.

    Here are some techniques I regularly use that I’ve found hotwives and cuckoldresses can use to make their encounters extra fun for their husbands and for themselves.

    When Husband is Watching You with Another Man

    Eye Contact* - Nothing will arouse and tease your husband like strong eye contact with him. Eye contact says, “Look at me!” and makes it impossible for either of you to ignore or trivialize what’s going on. Eye contact can be gentle or fierce, depending on your style and the message you’re trying to send. I prefer to lock eyes for a long time, then wink or smile right before I look away. I like to lock eyes with my husband while I’m blowing my lover.

    Smile* - Smiling is both a tease and a reassurance. It says both, “Look how much fun I’m having!” and “Everything is OK.” I love to smile at him when I’m riding my lover cowgirl-style.

    Say Something* - You don’t have to jabber away, but it’s fun to say things now and then. I love dirty talk with my lover while my husband’s watching. I also like to interact with him, asking, “How are you liking the show?” or “Don’t you wish you were doing this?” I also encourage my lover to talk about how good everything feels and how much fun he’s having. Moaning, screaming, crying, laughing, giggling, etc. are all great things to do, too. It’s also cute to call you husband by terms of endearment like honey, baby, etc. when you’re being fucked by another man.

    Dress Up* - High heel shoes, lingerie, nicely done nails, and perfume all say, “I’m putting effort into looking fucking hot for my lover!” You husband will be aroused by your appearance and jealous of the effort to look good for another guy.

    When Husband is Listening from Another Room

    Go Nuts* - Scream, cry, moan, laugh, beg, talk dirty, giggle, and slurp. Encourage your lover to slap your butt. These sounds will float through the closed door and to your husband’s ears, driving him wild with desire and jealousy.

    Emerge, then Vanish* - Take a break from fucking. Go out into the room where your husband is: hair a mess, makeup smeared. Have a glass of water. Say hi to your husband. Then, go back to the bedroom. Close the door. Lock it.

    Make a Movie* - Film your bedroom romp. Hook the camera in your room to the TV in the room where he’s sitting so he can watch live feed! He’ll be scratching at the door in no time.

    When Husband is Not Around

    Call Him* - It’s fun to call him and put the phone on speaker phone while you’re getting railed. Then, husband can listen! Even more fun (for you cuckoldresses) is let your other guy call from his phone instead. It’s more humiliating.

    Texts* - Like above, but text dirty things. What you’re doing, feeling, etc. Have your other guy send husband dirty pics of what you’re doing.

    Get Caught* - I love having my husband walk in on me when he’s not expecting anything. Just make sure that you know he’d be OK with this, and that your lover is also OK with this. Some people don’t like surprises.

    Leave Evidence* - Your lingerie lying around the bed, sex toys on the nightstand, or a condom in the garbage all remind your husband of what you were doing in his absence.

    Make a Movie (pt. 2)* - Film your bedroom romp and leave the recording on the nightstand for him.


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