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    Palestinians are once again being forcibly displaced from their homes by Israel tonight - this time from Jenin refugee camp. Yes, refugee camp as most residents of Jenin refugee camp come from Haifa and it’s surrounding area and were forced to leave in 1948 and never allowed back to their homes.

    From 1948 to 2023, the ethnic cleansing of Palestine continues and the world remains silent and complicit. The Nakba has never ended and no one defends or speaks out for Palestinians. They are left to confront a military power that is given $3.2 billion dollars by the USA every year alone and they are told if they resist their ethnic cleansing then they are terrorists. The world actively supports Palestinian deaths and displacement.


    The Death Toll of the Earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria may have reached 20,000 people, and that’s outside of all those who are injured and lost.

    If you could donate PLEASE do!!!

    Here’s a post full of charities you could donate to, but I’ll add my own trustworthy ones here:

  • Islamic Relief: teams are on the ground right now providing emergency food assistance, shelter, medical supplies to hospitals and clinics, as well as blankets and tents for those made homeless by the quake in Turkey and Syria
  • Molham:The team at Molham are currently on the ground helping displaced families in Turkey and Syria who have been affected by the earthquake   
  • The White Helmets: The team are on the ground in Northwest Syria searching for survivors and removing the dead from the rubble.
  • MSF: remaining in close contact with the local authorities in northwestern Syria and with the authorities in Turkey to extend their support where it’s needed. They’re providing essential life kits to displaced people in the region
  • please PLEASE reblog. Syria and Turkiye need our help!!!


    As of February 13 the death toll exceeds 35k



    it will only increase as more bodies are pulled from the rubble, and as more people freeze from the cold, because they are homeless and as more injured succumb to their wounds.

    They need help and supplies and materials



    “Your organization, that has been on one side of the fight, what has it achieved?”

    Ghassan Kanafani “One thing: that we have a case to fight for. That is very much. This people, the Palestinian people, prefer to die standing than to lose its case. We achieved proving that the king (of Jordan) is wrong. We achieved proving that this nation is going to continue fighting until victory. We achieved that our people can never be defeated. We achieved teaching every single person in this world that we are a small brave nation who are going to fight until the last drop of blood to put justice for ourselves, after the world failed in giving it to us. This is what we achieved.”

    There are over 33 million people affected by floods in Pakistan with at least 1000 people killed and over 180,000 people displaced. Please, if you are able to, donate to help and if you’re not able to donate, please reblog this.

    https://islamic-relief.org/appeals/pakistan-floods-appeal/ (Has a lot of information about the floods and is also a trusted place you can donate to)