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2023-05-23 13:06:20

    New Bimbofication filter just dropped


    Everything is fake

    We are entering a new world where nothing is as it seems.

    The photos you see have almost all been "doctored" in some way, either to remove blemishes or to improve lighting. Some have had the tits enlarged or waists reduced.

    There are filters you can use to turn your masculine face feminine.

    There are artists using AI to create their version of "perfect" women.

    And there are people who use these techniques to pretend to be something they are not.

    Fantasy is good but honesty is better. Don't pretend, don't deceive, be yourself and put the hard work in to become the fucktoy you wish to be.

    Omg my head

    Its been like so confusing in my own head this last couple of weeks. Like part of me keeps resisting and holding back. But omg i opened up to Daddy about it and some other really deep thoughts and he like makes it much more clear and that all these things have played a part to me realising who the real me is.

    I know they will still be there, but i gotta keep focusing on being a sexy girl for Daddy and getting tingly and using them to keep those doubts quieter and quieter until they are no more, and i am kneeling on a bed dressed all sexy and slutty for Daddy and his cock

    What a week!

    Always lurk around here, but after I really vivid dream last week that I couldn't shake I got chatting with someone on here I had followed for a while.

    Needless to say, he totally got me, and reaply helped me to chanel these feelings, tingles, and let them out. And when I did, omg it fely so amazing and cant help but want more.

    Started to call him Daddy which feels so fucking hot (and swearing like that) and got some sexy stockings, which he loved (i think).

    Its like little changes make this sooo much more intense, and cant help but feel more and more sexy.

    Getting more of a vision of the type of girl I am for Daddy, and my gf is gonna be in for a shock 1 day.

    I'll try to do a weekly post like (if anyone cares) so I can get some feelings out


    Youre just a dirty Sissy Whore , dreams can come true !


    You'd do it for free wouldn't you , just admit it mmmmm


    i need to get paid, even if it’s just spare change


    Fuck yesss... i want it so much πŸ’―


    Shift starts tonight bitch!


    Someone want to kidnap me and make me there street worker are more than welcome to try. 😻😻😻


    Omg yesssss




    Yes I would


    Make me a street whore!