Girls are stupid.

"Girls are stupid." I hear a chorus of voices around me, my vision drifts into focus and my eyes lock onto the pretty blonde woman at the front of the room, and I see her vacant smile and glazed eyes. I see her tits jiggle slightly every time she pushes the button on her desk that puts new words on the screen.

"Girls are dumb," the chorus repeats the words on the screen. I can just hear them over the static in my headphones. I'm wearing headphones. I didn't notice that. They feel nice. I like my headphones. My headphones help me think. They give me things to think, and I think them like a good girl.

"Girls shouldn't think for ourselves," I realize somewhat dimly that I'm part of the chorus. Always have been, slurring out the words like a puppet, mindlessly repeating whatever blondie puts on the screen. She doesn't really seem like she knows what she's doing though. She has headphones too. I don’t think about blondie anymore.

"Girls are happy to be stupid," I repeat with my classmates. I smile wide and drool a little. The girl sitting in front of me is touching herself, I can see her hand move and her hips jerk a little every now and then. I realize I'm doing it too. I'm so stupid, how do I not notice what I'm doing?

"Girls are mindless and blank," I repeat, and it's true. My head is empty, I don't have any thoughts. I'm only dimly aware of the room around me, I just stare at the screen and repeat.

I'm such a good girl.