wanna b bimbo

Kati.. 24 f bi.. into bimbofication n hypno.. wanna b trained to b a sweet lil bimbo slut/slave/kitten/housewife.. i am less then men.. my dms r always open hehe

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    If God had meant for you to be smart, logical, strong and capable he would have created you in the image of a Man. Instead he created you the weaker sex; needy, emotional, weak and helpless. On the plus side He made you compatible to Men like the yin to the yang. Where Men lead and give directions, girls follow. Where Men go forth and build civilisations, reach for the moon, explore and make discoveries, girls support and nurture. Where Men are aggressive girls are soft and pleasing.

    So support your Man, please him and don’t try to be what you’re not (and were never meant to be).


    You will obey anything you’re told to do “like a good girl”. These words become  trigger that you will eagerly respond to. The file includes suggestions of behaving sexually submissive and deriving sexual pleasure from obeying and performing.

    A file for all the good girls that know they want to be submissive and obedient. Listen and become the good girl you know you want to be. 


    Listen to this like a good girl.

    Reblog this post like a good girl.

    Share with a friend like a good girl.


    im agood igrl godo gilsi oeybi obey nditiobeyiobepleasee make meo by ioenydtbi oeybioey


    Uunhhhi waant to obbeyy like avgood giirl


    I’m a good girl


    Mmm I’m a good girlll want to obeeyyyyy


    Im a good girl

    Normalise everyday “sexist” behaviour

    Normalise what some snowflakes call “sexism.” It’s nothing more than normal everyday communication and interaction between Men and the weaker sex.

  • It’s ok to tell girls to shut up or to talk over her head or talk down to her.
  • Looking at a girl’s tits when talking to her is nothing more than showing appreciation for, well, her tits.
  • Catcalling a girl is nothing more than letting her know you think she looks great.
  • A joke is nothing more than just a joke even if it makes fun of the silliness of the weaker sex.
  • Objectifying girls is nothing more than letting her know you find her fuckable (and what’s wrong with that?)
  • Patting a girl on the head and letting her know you think she did great (for a girl) is nothing more than paying her a compliment.
  • Telling a girl she’s being silly or stupid is nothing more than just acknowledging facts.
  • Asking a girl to make you a sandwich is nothing more than you letting her know you’re hungry and that she should get her cute little butt into the kitchen where it belongs.
  • Don’t interpret everything Men do or say as being denigrating to the weaker sex when it obviously isn’t.

    She didn't want to admit it. She fought this simple truth for years, but in the end it was no use. Something about their praise touched something deep within her. It triggered something primal and basic. In spite of herself she would find herself smiling, even internalizing their comments. She found herself changing, little by little. Small things at first, things she knew they would like. The more she changed herself for them the more attention and praise she would receive, and the better it felt. There was only one natural conclusion she could come to, only one end to the road she was on. Now that she has arrived she can no longer deny the truth. This is her purpose, this is where she was always meant to be.

    And she has never been happier


    After a long day of thinking hard, it feels good to let go and just be a stupid little baby.

    It feels good to make yourself look dumb for men. To have them treat you that way. To have them call you the most insulting things they can. To have have them laugh at how pathetically stupid you look.

    It feels good to get treated like moron, just for a little bit, until you need to go back to thinking again.


    Sometimes I’m just such a dumb, ditzy, airhead