wanna b bimbo

Kati.. 24 f bi.. into bimbofication n hypno.. wanna b trained to b a sweet lil bimbo slut/slave/kitten/housewife.. i am less then men.. my dms r always open hehe

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    A Woman’s Place

    a woman’s place is obeying all of her man’s orders with a smile and a kiss

    a woman’s place is in the kitchen, wearing nothing but a frilly little apron, getting dinner ready for her man who’s been hard at work all day

    a woman’s place is laughing along at the sexist little jokes her man makes at her expense with his friends. she really SHOULD make him a sandwich, he’s so clever for pointing it out!

    a woman’s place is on her knees, choking on her man’s cock, letting him use her pretty, worthless face for his pleasure

    a woman’s place is on her back, legs spread, letting her man fuck whichever hole he likes as he slaps her face and spits in her mouth

    a woman’s place is wherever her man says it is 🥰

    Girls are stupid.

    "Girls are stupid." I hear a chorus of voices around me, my vision drifts into focus and my eyes lock onto the pretty blonde woman at the front of the room, and I see her vacant smile and glazed eyes. I see her tits jiggle slightly every time she pushes the button on her desk that puts new words on the screen.

    "Girls are dumb," the chorus repeats the words on the screen. I can just hear them over the static in my headphones. I'm wearing headphones. I didn't notice that. They feel nice. I like my headphones. My headphones help me think. They give me things to think, and I think them like a good girl.

    "Girls shouldn't think for ourselves," I realize somewhat dimly that I'm part of the chorus. Always have been, slurring out the words like a puppet, mindlessly repeating whatever blondie puts on the screen. She doesn't really seem like she knows what she's doing though. She has headphones too. I don’t think about blondie anymore.

    "Girls are happy to be stupid," I repeat with my classmates. I smile wide and drool a little. The girl sitting in front of me is touching herself, I can see her hand move and her hips jerk a little every now and then. I realize I'm doing it too. I'm so stupid, how do I not notice what I'm doing?

    "Girls are mindless and blank," I repeat, and it's true. My head is empty, I don't have any thoughts. I'm only dimly aware of the room around me, I just stare at the screen and repeat.

    I'm such a good girl.


    Show your stupid stuff. Display dyslexia. Sport stupidity. Reveal retardation. Discover your dumbness. Be a bimbo. Known as a ninny. Stay stupid. Delicious delicate and degraded. You are proud of your low IQ. Your stripper smarts. Your dropout dumb-down degree. Put it on paper. Rewrite your resume to reflect your juggalicious jiggle jobs. And nothing else ! Go on record as a retard airhead moron dipshit dope. You need to be documented as a dimwit, and diagnosed dense. Dumb and ditzy. Incurably incompetent. Naturally nymphomanic. Hugely horny. Hard-on honey with an oral obsession. Proud to spell your own name wrong. They just call you Tits.

    #dare to be less #visible idiocy #ditz pride !!!


    just call me tits 🥰


    you love how your bimbo writing tells everyone you can't spell -- you love how your bimbo spelling tells everyone that you're dumb — you love how it feels to have everyone think you can't spell your own bimbo name — that you can’t write or read too good — and the more you try to spell your bimbo name the more you get it wrong — until omigosh you really can’t write or read just like they all said !


    like omg i totally cant write things good um anymore? 😛💕


    omg sameeee im like suchh a dumdum i cant even like umm make my thots inta words good now


    Premise: Speech Control

    Just a little list of ideas that I came up with on the topic of speech control. Some of these are about in person speaking, some are about texting, some are applicable to both. Some of these I’d like to try, some of these I have tried, some of these I would probably not want to do, some I’m indifferent to.

    Word Restrictions

  • No swearing.
  • No puns.
  • Only being allowed to use words once per day. 
  • Only being allowed to use words from a list of pre-approved words chosen by my partner.
  • Not being allowed to use words from a list of off limits words chosen by my partner, but otherwise able to speak freely.
  • Not being allowed to use words containing a certain letter of the alphabet, but otherwise able to speak freely.
  • Only being allowed to use short and simple words, limited by number of letters or number of syllables, or simply at my partner’s discretion. (Imagine typing out an entire text and being met with “hmm, I think that word might be too big for you,” and having to agree and reword what you’ve said.)
  • Having to refer to myself in the third person.
  • Having to refer to my partner by a title, honorific, or nickname they have chosen.
  • Having to use a lowercase “i” to refer to myself. 
  • Having to use capitalized pronouns to refer to my partner. 
  • Limited Speech

  • Only being allowed to say a certain number of words (or less) per day.
  • Only being allowed to say a certain number of words (or less) per text message. No double messaging, of course.
  • Having to keep track of how many words my partner uses, and always using less throughout the day.
  • Having to start each sentence with “Please” and/or end it with “Thank you,” even if it doesn’t technically make sense. 
  • Having to rhyme. Or else fulfil the requirements of some kind of specific poetry such as a haiku. 
  • Having to ask permission to ask for things. “Please may I ask to use the bathroom?” 
  • Only being allowed to say “Please” and “Thank you.”
  • Not being allowed to ask for anything.
  • Only allowed to speak to my partner in public. 
  • Not being allowed to speak on specific topics, particularly when they’re super relevant. For example, we go to the zoo and I’m not allowed to talk about animals. 
  • Only being allowed to say the opposite of what I mean/want. 
  • Restricted Speech

  • Having to ask permission to speak at all, either through a non-verbal signal, or else the only thing I’m allowed to say without permission is “Please may I speak?”
  • Only allowed to speak when spoken to.
  • Having to be in a specific position - the more submissive or uncomfortable, the better - to speak. Additionally, having to wait in that position until I am acknowledged and allowed to speak. 
  • Having to go a set length of time without speaking each day. The timer starts over each time I speak. (Imagine it’s an hour and at 55 minutes you get asked a question you can’t ignore. Each attempt like that would mean you talk less throughout the day.)
  • When possible, set entire days, or even a weekend as “quiet time.”
  • Surprise quiet time. That is, a spoken or text command, “It’s quiet time,” and I am expected to be silent until I am released. (A potential training opportunity: this could happen many times throughout the day, each session lasting only a few minutes before the next.)
  • Starting every day without the ability to speak until I have completed my morning routine. Finishing each day by not being allowed to speak once my nighttime routine is done. 
  • Having a set day of the week during which I am expected to remain silent. 
  • Having a cost to speak. A mild-moderate punishment for each time I wish to speak, such as having to put nipple clamps on first or having to write lines for each time I spoke afterwards.
  • Having to trade my ability to speak for rewards, such as not being allowed to orgasm unless I agree to a two days of no speaking.
  • Trading chunks of silent time for edges. Each edge is half an hour of silence. Maybe I know before I start edging, maybe I don’t. 
  • Having to be silent until I have completed a task, such as linewriting, or an edging session, or even something mundane like having to stay silent on a long drive, even while playing a board game. 
  • Having recurring tasks during which I am not allowed to speak, such as never being allowed to speak during meals or while watching movies. 
  • Only being allowed to speak while wearing my collar. 
  • Not being allowed to speak while wearing my collar. 
  • Only being allowed to speak while naked. 
  • No words, only sounds. Easy enough when you’re gagged, but having to make the deliberate effort to only make sounds is nice. 
  • Wearing a bark collar. Each time I speak, I get shocked, until I learn not to speak while wearing it. It then becomes a very effective gag. 
  • Forced to Speak

  • Being asked a series of questions and having to provide at least X words to answer, on topic. (It wouldn’t even have to be a high number. Imagine having to use 50 words to answer a yes or no question. Even 20 might be a challenge. But being asked to say/text 300 words on why I shouldn’t have an orgasm? Just a thought.)
  • Agreeing to X number of questions (number could be in trade for edges, or in trade for lessening a punishment) and having to answer them fully, even if it’s embarrassing. (Obviously within limits. Questions I refuse to answer don’t count towards the number.)
  • Having a mantra to repeat every time my partner says a certain word, whether that word is part of the mantra or not. (Having someone trigger a mantra like this is great fun, especially mid-conversation, or while I’m trying to ask for something, or while I’m trying to explain something.)
  • Having to repeat after my partner, perhaps modifying pronouns. (“You will obey” being modified to “I will obey.”)
  • Being tasked with writing up a fantasy, and then being made to read it aloud.
  • Being Physically Gagged

  • Being expected to be gagged or otherwise prevented from speaking at all times. (Ballgag might be too harsh for “at all times,” but tape is effective, too.)
  • Being gagged at random. Not just during scenes, but during mundane activities, such as watching a movie together or doing housework. (I like the idea of being interrupted while in the middle of something, maybe even in the middle of a conversation, and my partner simply holds out a gag. Or sitting at my desk working when my partner comes up behind me and slips my gag between my lips. Being told to kneel and open my mouth, excited to get to suck cock, and instead gagged. Comes with a bonus of being trained to readily take my gag.)
  • Being told I can only speak while being gagged, despite knowing it will be unintelligible.
  • Planning a voice call with my partner, but right before we begin I am instructed to put a gag on so that at no point during the call can I actually speak.
  • Games

  • Playing the quiet game, either with my partner or with another submissive. I am rewarded if I win, and punished if I lose. 
  • Playing a kinky version of Taboo/Password: My partner picks a word and a length of time. I do not get to know the word, but do get to know we’re playing and for how long. My partner counts every time I use the word, and when time is up, I get punished for each use. Tons of games to be played on both sides, with my partner trying to get me to say the word, and me trying to figure out what it is. Perhaps if the time period is long enough, I get a clue to the word each day. I would probably end up speaking as little as possible to avoid it. 
  • clementine32677

    omg i- holy shit fuck oh fuck please oh my god

    today i was told i belong in the kitchen.. and i just giggled and said thanks

    and that as a Man He was right.. and i agrreed with Him

    like wtf?? it actually turned me on, and then agreeing with Him got me super hot.

    like this was new for me, finding out sexist misogyny is hot makes me horny

    think brainwashing is taking hold with permanent changes


    and uhhmm yeh like just hearing the words The Patriarchy makes my heart woosh .. the patriarchy oh wow

    the patriarchy *swoon*

    get a grip girl! :)

    my brain is so fucked *giggles more*

    i'm a terrible feminist.

    i would gladly throw other girls under the bus if it pleased a Man.

    i live for Male attention and approval.

    i melt every time a Man calls me a good girl.

    i would rather suck and worship Cock then fight the patriarchy.

    The sight of Cock makes all those silly ideas about equality and equal rights leave my mind.

    i'm a dumb, silly, stupid little girl who loves when Men treat me as such.

    i'm just another bitch in heat when i see Cock

    Fuck feminism.

    Fuck equal rights.

    All that matters is Men and Cock