wanna b bimbo

Kati.. 24 f bi.. into bimbofication n hypno.. wanna b trained to b a sweet lil bimbo slut/slave/kitten/housewife.. i am less then men.. my dms r always open hehe

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2021-10-19 16:15:02

    Have some fun.

    Give it a go and post your results.


    Im a goth librarian! 🖤💖


    Me to a T 😂


    A goth know it all. I feel attacked 🙈💕


    ahhhh i’m a pet 🥰🥰


    A test that's right for once.


    My results! Ditz-Slut


    For fun I took this one. I know it's not really for me because I'm not a bimbo, lol, but I answered all the questions about myself accurately and all the questions about my preferences accurately. It obviously wasn't meant to be taken in that way but I thought it could be amusing. Anyway -


    I feel called out


    So this is what the slutscouts creator was up to. Amazing work.


    hehe i got gym bunny cheerleader


    Mirror 1:https://makemeobey.xyz

    Mirror 2:https://hypnoslaves.neocities.org/

    Best viewed in desktop browser. Chrome or firefox are recommended. 

    Challenge 1:

    1. Increase the “Flash Speed” to 100%

    2. Turn on “orgasm denial” and “strobe”

    3. Turn off “confirmations”, “questions” and “tasks”

    4. Click Begin

    5. Stare into the spiral and find out how long it takes your mind to turn to mush

    *Do not attempt if you are at susceptible to seizures

    *May leave you as a mindless, drooling mess


    Challenge 2:

    • Train on this site every day for 7 days.
    • Try to stay away from the site.

    Challenge 3:

    • Set aside several hours to play.
    • Train with default settings until the site commands you to cum.
    • Cum your brains out.
    • Refresh the page and start again.
    • Repeat until we find out how many orgasms it takes to break your mind.

    Moved to a new url again (https://makemeobey.xyz), hopefully for the last time. Also added various updates. More to come.