She didn't want to admit it. She fought this simple truth for years, but in the end it was no use. Something about their praise touched something deep within her. It triggered something primal and basic. In spite of herself she would find herself smiling, even internalizing their comments. She found herself changing, little by little. Small things at first, things she knew they would like. The more she changed herself for them the more attention and praise she would receive, and the better it felt. There was only one natural conclusion she could come to, only one end to the road she was on. Now that she has arrived she can no longer deny the truth. This is her purpose, this is where she was always meant to be.

    And she has never been happier


    After a long day of thinking hard, it feels good to let go and just be a stupid little baby.

    It feels good to make yourself look dumb for men. To have them treat you that way. To have them call you the most insulting things they can. To have have them laugh at how pathetically stupid you look.

    It feels good to get treated like moron, just for a little bit, until you need to go back to thinking again.


    Sometimes I’m just such a dumb, ditzy, airhead

    Dear Mr. Jackson:

    As always, we thank you for choosing the Academy for your needs. We appreciate your trust in our methods and philosophy.

    As requested, we are reporting on your wife's progress in the program. We know you've had to endure many unpleasant reports regarding Student 47 (formerly known as Lia), and for that we apologize. As you know, her state when she was first enrolled in the program was close to irreversible. We dare say you enrolled it just in time, and your decisive action when you chose us made all the difference.

    Student 47 has shown remarkable resilience and a stubborn resistance to our methods. We've had to isolate her from other students to keep her from spreading propaganda and misguided ideas about equality and independence many times. I'll be honest, Mr. Jackson: we have considered removing her from the program more than once. It was the devotion and tireless comittment of Professor Keld that ultimately kept her with us, and now we can finally report positive developments.

    The use of the Reality Room has been crucial in the breakthrough. It is a state of the art facility designed by Prof. Keld himself. Neurochemical stimulation, along with constant shifting images in the screen-walls have served to erode 47's sense of reality. On many occasions she tried to walk through the screens, believing herself to be outside. One notable session had her sitting at a desk, convinced she was attending a college lecture. Another had her stripping for what she believed was her usual camshow. Gradually, her disorientation became a more permanent state. She is now willing to believe whatever she is told to believe. You will make good use of this, we're sure.

    Erasure of self has been a harder element to achieve. 47 insisted to refer to herself as "Lia" for far longer than any other student. Luckily, Prof. Keld has made great advances in the production of subdermal smart neurochemical dispensers. Not wanting to bore you with the details, I'll just say that the mention of her former name started producing waves of anguish and sorrow in 47. She has now completely rejected that obsolete sign of identity.

    That same system has greatly enhanced her physiological reactions. The subdermals flood her with excitement and joy during training sessions. Reciting her inferiority and that of all females while the machines stimulate her genitals has become one of the great sources of joy in her life. Drooling when seeing a penis is now an involuntary act, and during free time 47 now seeks out our carefully selected library items to masturbate to. She seems specially enamored of gangbang videos with flashing slogans. She has, in fact, been repeating those words in her sleep. We have attached a video for your viewing pleasure.

    I am happy to report the staff and I believe she is ready for the next step in the program. When you enrolled her, you indicated a series of traits you want your new wife to possess. However, given 47's particular trajectory, we feel it would be best to focus on a single, defining characteristic at first. You included both the idea of Stepford and Depraved Cockslave in your form. We would request you choose one, and once that personality takes hold, start building others. My suggestion is to first make her a permanently dripping slave; it seems to be in line with the secret desires our program has revealed about her.

    We also believe it's time to choose a new name for 47. It's of course up to you; however, she has been referring to herself as "Bimbi Cunt" when babbling. Might we suggest you use that?

    We will report after hearing from you and making further progress. 47 has been a tough student to work with, but we are proud to be vindicated in our Academy's motto:

    Every girl can be broken.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Amanda Dillon, Director of The Academy

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