@lamb-chopped has a new rule today.

It’s a mind breaker rule.

Every sixth word is “um…”

Try it. It works.

Reblog to follow this rule today and be a mind popped puppet too.


i like the sound of this!!


You forgot a word at the end.


i like the sound of um this!! heee that’s fun even um though countings kind of hard um but i think i can um get the hang of it um maybe and stuff..


This sounds fun, but it’s um… kind of tricky, because you umm… have to keep counting all umm… the time! Or maybe that’s umm… actually kind of the reason umm… that it works?


It is. That’s why it’s best combined with thinking the cheer.

1 2 3 4…


I’ll suck your cock and umm…beg for more? Wow I um actually like that a lot. Umm…hehe oops who knew I’m um kind of a dumb slut


We all do now. And you definitely will.

Make sure you think the cheer every time you breathe today.