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    Prairies are some of the most endangered ecosystems in the world, with the tallgrass prairie being the most endangered. Only 1-4% of tallgrass prairie still exists. Prairies are critically important, not only for the unique biodiversity they possess, but for their effect on climate. The ability to store carbon is a valuable ecological service in today’s changing climate. Carbon, which is emitted both naturally and by human activities such as burning coal to create electricity, is a greenhouse gas that is increasing in the Earth’s atmosphere. Reports from the International Panel on Climate Change, a group of more than 2,000 climate scientists from around the world, agree that increased greenhouse gases are causing climate change, which is leading to sea level rise, higher temperatures, and altered rain patterns. Most of the prairie’s carbon sequestration happens below ground, where prairie roots can dig into the soil to depths up to 15 feet and more. Prairies can store much more carbon below ground than a forest can store above ground. In fact, the prairie was once the largest carbon sink in the world-much bigger than the Amazon rainforest-and its destruction has had devastating effects.


    I just have to add–that extensive root system? It’s not just how the plant eats, and how it keeps itself from getting pulled out of the ground during storms, or dying when its aboveground portion is eaten… it’s how it talks to its friends and family, how it shares food with its friends and family, and more than likely, how it thinks. That’s a whole plant brain we’ve domesticated away, leaving a helpless organism that has trouble figuring out when it’s under attack by pests, what to do about it, has very little in the way of chemical defense so it can do something about it, and can’t even warn its neighbors. Even apart from the ecological concerns, what we’ve done is honestly pretty cruel.

    @front-down spread the word, brother

    Dear teen girls,

    Stop abusing your boyfriends and yes what you are doing is abuse.


  • Yelling at him in front of his friends 
  • Hitting or slapping him when he does or says something you don’t like
  • Telling him he doesn’t have a choice when it comes to decisions that involve both of you 
  • Telling him he can’t hang out with friends because you don’t like him
  • Telling him to not talk to other girls even if they are his friend
  • Forcing him to spend every moment with you 
  • Belittling him and pointing out all his flaws
  • Calling him stupid or making fun of him for making a mistake
  • Threatening to break up with him if he doesn’t do what you want
  • Being emotionally manipulative and crying until he does what you want
  • Accusing him of cheating every time he’s not with you
  • Blow up is phone if he doesn’t text you every five minutes 
  • Telling him you are the must thing that has ever happened to him and no one else will love
  • Physically attacking him when ever you are mad
  • Forcing him to have sex despite that fact that he said he didn’t want to
  • Invading his privacy by going through his phone
  • Getting mad at him for changing his password and demanding he tell you what it is
  • If a guy did any of these things to a girl it would be considered abuse but since its the other way around its considered normal. Throughout High school I saw many girl treating their boyfriends like shit. Sometime even physically abusing them in the hallways and no one trying to stop it because its a girl attacking a boy. 

    Boys: If your girlfriend does anything on this list leave her. It is abuse and you deserve better.

    Girls: if you find your self doing anything on this list to your boyfriend you need to knock it off because you are being abusive. 

    !!!!!!!! My brother was abused by his babies mom and it started like this and escalated to child abuse and neglect.

    You don’t deserve to be screamed at, ignored, or assaulted.

    Not showing affection when she wants or not hugging her before class) or missing a phone call doesn’t warrant getting cussed out or hit.

    Lol, I lost 5 followers from reblogging this. That’s fine, y'all can go

    Whole lot of grown women do this too.


    Just wanna throw these in too

  • Being passive aggressive with him when he wants to spend time with friends or doing other things 
  • controlling when he’s able to go out with friends
  • Breaking up his friendships with other girls just because you’re insecure
  • Making him feel like his opinions in decisions that affect the both of you are irrelevant and don’t matter
  • testing him in anyway in general without his knowledge or permission (example: catfishing! it’s manipulative and weird don’t fucking do that)
  • taking money/credit cards without permission to spend on things without his knowledge ( had an ex friend do this constantly to her boyfriend and she’d always condone it because “he’ll get over it” )
  • guilting him for hanging out with friends/family over you  and making him choose between you and friends/family
  • telling him “you don’t love me if you *insert harmless activity he wants to do here* “
  • being rude or mean to him in front of others to assert dominance or power over him
  • downloading apps to spy on his phone activity (yes, this is a thing “”regular”” people do) or snooping on his social media to see who he’s talking to
  • <>hitting him, slapping him, punching him, shoving him.literally how do people not understand slapping your male partner is bad. people tend to find this funny in media and society and its weird.<> KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF YOUR PARTNER WITHOUT PERMISSION. 
  • I come from a family of very forward and manipulative women and i see it in media all the time. it’s fucked and people need to not be accepting of young girls acting like snot-nosed, abusive shit heads that think they can get away with manipulation and cruelty because they happen to be girls.


    if you have an abusive teen or young adult gf right now fellas, leave. don’t let her use you to get her shit right. you’ll be so fucked up by the time she gets it together if she ever does and believe that most likely she won’t.  

    Can i just add that ive seen young queer girls do this to their girlfriends. Girls can be abusers and you are right to leave. 

    Women/young girls can definitely be just as abusive. I knew a young man that got ran over and had his leg broken by his girlfriend because (in her words he annoyed her) He refused to press charges. Another young lady started to hit her ex boyfriend because he wouldn’t take her back because of the abuse. He called the cops on her and they literally started laughing at him because she was very petite in comparison to him. Anyone can be abusive and I wish more people understood that.


    dammit I’d spam my blog if i reblog this more than once but dude this is really important.


    Oh my god. This is so important.

    This is legit the reason why so many guys I know are too scared to be in a relationship





    I can’t get over how much I love that there’s just a universally agreed upon strategy among the X-men that is just “throw wolverine at the thing”

    I mean, he’s unkillable and made of knives.

    That’s basically projectile fodder. 


    one overlooked aspect to the Fastball Special in regards to Just Throwing Wolverine At The Damn Thing isn’t just that Wolverine got claws from his hands but also that he’s HEAVY with the Adamantium inside him putting him at 300 lbs

    I refuse to let this post exist without the She-Hulk moment

    Yeet the immortal metal bone knife man at your problems.

    just fucking hurl him.

    How many people have complimented his ass when they chuck him like a shotput


    a mutual of mine

    suddenly has posts on their blog

    with links to “find women to have sex with”

    my mutual is NOT POSTING THESE

    tumblr just got even worse

    on that note PLEASE let me know if i’m suddenly posting random pictures of women with a link underneath the photo. don’t click the link, just FYI.

    i do suggest reblogging this in case someone sees this happening to someone else they follow


    “We want the museum to understand that the moai are our family, not just rocks. For us [the statue] is a brother; but for them it is a souvenir or an attraction,” said Anakena Manutomatoma, who serves on the island’s development commission. “Once eyes are added to the statues, an energy is breathed into the moai and they become the living embodiment of ancestors whose role is to protect us.”


    isnt the point of a museum to preserve history though? id prefer something be in a controlled environment than outside in the elements.


    The moai have been standing JUST fine in the open in the island for literal <>centuries. Believe it or not, the Rapa Nui are NOT stupid; they know their island, how to live in it, and what materials and treatment to those materials do or do not last in the island they’ve called their home for ages. The moai are MADE to be “outside in the elements”.

    And preserved for whom? I’m sure my ancestors wouldn’t feel it’s preservation to have a LIVING piece of their culture stolen by colonizers and kept away from them all this fucking long when I assure you, no one asked for their permission to take it in the first place.

    That’s not fucking “preserving”, that’s just fucking stealing, and a loss of culture for the Rapa Nui.


    Well then my God, every museum in the world should give all their artifacts back to the entitled people who want them.


    Damn right they should give back all their <>STOLEN artifacts. How the fuck are you this fucking stupid that you’d call the people wh<>o MADE and are the rightful owners of those artifacts “entitled” WHEN THE ARTIFACTS BELONG TO THEM AND MUSEUMS







    Imagine this. Your grandmother has a ring she made. There’s a very particular way of making the ring that she employed, one that’s been handed down through your family line for centuries. It’s a beautiful ring. One day, when she’s not home, someone comes into your house, steals the ring, and puts it in a museum. When you ask for it back, they go “but it’s beautiful! And the technique is one we’ve never seen! Surely it belongs somewhere everyone can see it!” And yeah, the ring is beautiful, but it’s important to you because she used to play with it when she would tell you stories. Maybe, if the museum had asked for the ring, allowed you to write the description so it honored your grandmother, given you a choice in the matter, you might have considered donating it. Hell, if they had commissioned a piece from you using the same technique you probably would have been ecstatic to show your family’s art to the world. But they didn’t. They stole it. And to add insult to injury, they won’t even admit that they did so. This is what has happened with the Easter Island heads. And this is why they should give them back.

    We shouldn’t need a fucking analogy to explain why you don’t steal shit from people, but this is a pretty good one.


    Tumblr has fucked up once again and disregarded the safety of Epileptic people!


    It takes you straight to a page where the header is a ton of flashing colours that could easily trigger an epileptic episode! Please tell any of your epileptic friends to avoid clicking this for their safety!! please spread the wor

    I don’t have epileptic friends but I would like to spread the word, so everyone reblog this.


    15 miles long, baby.


    holy ship

    and it’s Ultra Magnus, so you know he isn’t exaggerating.


    Maybe they’re space miles

    It’d be a slightly more reasonable size if it were 15 kilometers.  That’d make it only 9 miles long.  I wonder somebody in the process did a British-to-American localization to the script that made the ship amazingly huge.  

    I mean, I buy that the Lost Light is huge.  It houses 20- to 30-foot robots, not 5-foot humans.  But that’s still kind of big.  Though I suppose if Overlord can run around inside it, and he’s probably 60 feet tall…?

    I dunno.

    It kind of makes you wonder about the size of the GCS Benign Intervention. That thing absolutely dwarfed the Lost Light. 

    now that’s just ridiculous

    the benign intervention is at least 80 miles long

    it’s the size of connecticut

    To put things more in perspective.

    On a two-dimensional perspective, the Lost Light is 15 miles long and 10 miles wide, giving it a rough surface area of 150 square miles, roughly the equivalent of the Bronx and Brooklyn combined. However, because its a tri-dimensional figure, and based on the artwork, it has roughly a height of 3 miles, thus giving it a rough estimate of 450 square miles of total exterior surface area, about the total of ALL OF NEW YORK CITY.

    The rough number of the crew hovers at around 300 cybertronians, each cybertronian would technically have 1.5 CUBIC MILE of space for themselves.

    If you consider just width and length alone, each Ammonite must cover 2.85 sq miles by themselves just to surround it.  And if the Lost Light were to have a single rivet for every square foot of surface to keep it together, and Swerve and Rewind were to be punished by making them replace all the rivets in the exterior surface of the ship, it would take them 198.97 years were they to do it non-stop at a rate of 1-rivet per second. 

    Rivet job is serious shit.

    For Million year old robots, 198.97 isn’t that bad of a punishment.


    For reference, here’s what the Benign Intervention is crewed by:


    Here’s the Lost Light next to Metroplex, who transforms into a city for Transformers:


    Here’s Verity, summing all of this up:


    @front-down So I think we may need to go over the sizes for our vehicles now…especially the spaceships

    Yeah. Size of the ship compared to the crew is especially fuckin wierd

    Like, crew number or their literal size ?

    Both. Have you seen a goddamn star destroyer? Theyre fuckin huge and the crew is like 500 or something to say nothing of the small army they can carry.