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    What is best chaga tea or pills?

    Our chaga mushroom tea is the raw chaga product which you can enjoy while having a cup of tea. Simply fill up your cup with boiling water and about 10 minutes to extract the goodness that chaga offers. Chaga pills are often made of chaga extract which is normally extracted using alcohol although you can digest the pills chaga extract tends to have a bad taste and therefore is generally not eaten alone. One can use chaga extract in a shake for example to blend that taste. Order you Cha-Cha Chaga tea today https://birchmoon.ca/collections/chaga-teas

    Hey everyone! It's been a long few months of winter. Spring is now here and so is The Freewheeling Craft Virtual Market. For those If you haven't heard of this local virtual market, it's an amazing place to pick up trendy Ottawa local brands. You'll be able to find unique crafts, drink and food producer, designers and much more.

    Wow, our chaga mushroom tea and wellness teas are now in Almonte, Ontario at Cheerfully Made!

    We had an amazing time at the Saunders Farm Christmas market that was held in Munster, Ontario. Thanks for all of those who visited our booth and supported us.

    Hey Ottawa! You can now find our Cha Cha chaga mushroom tea and our other herbal teas at Maker Feed Co in Cumberland just 10 minutes from Ottawa-Orleans. Be sure to pay our good friends a visit and check out their amazing take-out menu!

    To Perth, ON we go! For those located in Ottawa’s West end and in the Ottawa Valley area you’ll be happy to hear that our good friends at North Folk Cafe is now holding our popular chaga mushroom tea as well as our other fine wild harvested herbal teas. Be sure to pay North Folk Cafe a visit.

    Have you tried chaga? If so, you must try making this chaga & kombucha recipe we’ve put together.

    We had a ton of fun meeting the community and sharing some chaga tea insights! If you missed the September edition of The Original Navan Market you can always come check out the October market which will be taking place on October 25th from 10 am to 3 pm. The market takes place at 1279 Colonial Road next to the Arena and Curling Club in Navan.

    Will you stay aware when drinking chaga tea before bedtime?

    Review from the Oolonglady (Instagram and Twitter) be sure to follow her. Discover Cha-Cha Chaga Mushroom Tea

    Stay Home and Drink Tea. - Did you know that $3 from every 'Stay Home & Drink Tea' item sold will be donated to support local communities affected in a global coronavirus outbreak? The funds collected will go to the Food Banks Canada's COVID-19 response fund and will help the most vulnerable affected by the pandemic. For more information, please visit foodbankscanada.ca.

    Your a big chaga fan? Could you be drinking too much of it? Here’s what Health Canada recommends.

    The way we live is constantly changing. More and more people are choosing to live in large metropolitan areas which sometimes brings them further from nature and fresh air and closer to concrete, environmental pollution and even radiation. In 2018, it is believed that approximately 71.5% of Canadians were living in metropolitan areas. Population growth in large urban areas continues to outpace the rest of the country. In fact, the 3 largest metropolitan cities Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver are now home to over one-third of all Canadians.