My name is Nanna and I am a girl of 21 years. I like childbirth and pregnancy and would love to make sexual birth stories.

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    My second story

    I went to the cinema alone when my twin sister did not have time. They had turned the halls into public birth rooms. I had brought some dildos and some balls.

    In the entrance where we had to pay, there were men, teenagers, girls, and pregnant women who had to watch and learn how to give birth.

    Our 30-year-old mother advised us to go there, so we could see how it goes, for when we will one day give birth. I am 16 years old, so my mother was 14 years old when she gave birth to twins. She was beautiful as a pregnant woman and small and thin as me.

    I had bought tickets for all the premises, on the door was who was giving birth there.

    I started by going in to a 30-year-old who had just given birth, everyone was happy, and it was celebrated with sex among the audience, I saw 2 young girls having sex by 2 men and they enjoyed it while moaning loudly. The first birth was quickly finished.

    Luckily the 2 other maternity wards were still busy. I went into the largest room where there were 2 14-year-old girls who were set to give birth at the same time. I went up on stage when I was VIP and enjoyed the sight of 2 beautiful heavily pregnant girls with labor pains. I slid 2 fingers up into both of them, but they were only 6 cm. open.

    I therefore went into the last room where a 20-year-old was lying ready to give birth to twins. She had just started pushing when I came in. It was also shown on the big screen so everyone could follow along. A girl helped me push 2 balls up, first the big one and then the small one I had brought with me. We made a deal that she fucked me with her strap-on and I made her squirt with my magic fingers. I got a big cock, while the girl gave birth to the first child and I made her squirt, when the girl gave birth to the second child.

    Now I was warmed up to go in and see the last 2 girls for today.

    I entered a packed hall where some were standing up. Luckily, I was VIP and went up on stage, the 2 14-year-old girls recognized me from earlier. They lay almost ready to get fingered while their hard contractions. When her one had finished screaming, I took over and gave her so much finger that she would remember it in many years. I therefore went over to the other girl as she wanted the same trip and she got it.

    There was a party in the room, almost a sex party. There were no restrictions on what happened and what I saw while watching 2 pregnant women struggling in pain giving birth.

    I again stuck my fingers up in the girls and when they were 9 cm. I thought I could just entertain the audience. I lay on my back and gave birth to the small ball and then pushed the big ball out, to great cheers among the audience, but it was very hard to push the last ball out.

    When I was done, I turned around to the 2 screaming girls, I could see the head were on their way to both girls. They screamed for help, where I said, "You should not give birth with help, you should be able to do it yourself", my mother did too, and she gave birth to twins.

    The head came out almost at the same time with the girls, I found a table and put the small and big dildo forward. I could just manage to ride them at the end of the birth. I started with the little dildo as the girls pushed their heads forward in excruciating pain. Where I thought that if they can have sex early, they can also give birth early.

    I switched to the big dildo, which was hard to get up, but when I slid up and the girls were ready to crown, there was again great cheering out there.

    I came, with the big dildo up in me, while the 2 14-year-old girls lay in front of me and the audience, fully crowned. They gave birth themselves, in screams, pain, cheers and what happens to a public birth in a cinema.

    My first story

    My little sister and I had agreed that I should pick her up from her heavily pregnant friend. It was a few months ago I had seen the girlfriend, so I was excited about what she looks like now. Back then, she was a little skinny girl with really gorgeous breasts.

    I start the car and drive out through the woods as they live out there, 8 miles to the nearest neighbor. There is no signal to the phone out there, so it was good we had agreed on a time. I'm getting out there, her parents's on vacation, but there's a bike in the backyard I've not seen before.

    I knock on the door, but nothing happens. Waiting 10 minutes, knocking again, but still nothing happens. There's lights upstairs, so I know they are home. I try to open the door and I go inside. I say "HELLO" out loud, but they do not answer. I take off my shoes and outerwear and walk carefully up the stairs. I just suddenly hear some sounds up there. The first thing I think is "IS SHE GOING TO GIVE BIRTH", while I hope so. I get higher up the stairs and can hear that she is not giving birth, boring!!! The higher up the stairs I get, the louder moans come there. I'm thinking what are they doing???

    I get all the way upstairs and go to the heavily pregnant girl's bedroom door, which is not completely closed. Trying to look in carefully, "WOW" I say softly, while I see my sister with STRAP-ON lying and banging the heavily pregnant girl who is lying on her back. I try to see if there were more, as there was also a bike in the backyard. Looking a little to the right, where there has always been a bench that the pregnant woman has used to train before. There I spotted another girl sitting and riding a dildo. Feel like, I'm the best place in the whole world RIGHT NOW.

    I take my hand down and masturbate a little outside on my pants. Can feel that, I get more horny and more wet. I button up while watching what's going on inside the room. Pulling my pants down and taking my hand down my panties and yes, I am very wet and letting a finger slide up.

    They stop all of a sudden when my sister has to go down and look after me. I think "FUCK, WHAT AM I DOING NOW" while hurrying to the toilet. My heart beats a lot… The door opens and my little sister enters. We both get very startled while looking at each other. She asks in panic "WHAT ARE YOU DOING", where I answer frightened "WE DIDN'T HAVE AN AGREEMENT". We talk a little and afterwards I say we are going home now. I say "GO IN AND SAY GOODBYE", but she asks if I want to have sex with the other 2 girls. I quickly say no, so they do not know that I turn on the highly pregnant girl extremely much. She goes in and asks if it's okay I have her sister to join, the 2 other girls say "YES" and I can sense that, they hope that I can teach them some tricks.

    We start by seeing the girlfriend, who is also thin, has small tight ass and big tits, gets licked by the heavily pregnant girl while my sister lists 2 fingers up in her. My sister says she did not manage to get the heavily pregnant girl to come. While she lies on the tension dildo up in her and tries to get her to come, I take care of the girlfriend. I ask if she has tried squirt before, she was not that old and answered "NO". I quickly and hard took 2 fingers up in her and she writhed in the abdomen, I made her come fast and she was crazy about it. I said "ONCE MORE" and she nodded because she did not have much air right there. I tried again, she was so good. She squirted all over the window, approx. 1 meter, she subsequently became completely dry, as if I had emptied her of fluid throughout her body. After my sister got her heavily pregnant girlfriend to come, we took a quick break.

    I was very reticent about the heavily pregnant girl as they should not know that it turned me on really much. Her I got to come, took the little dildo, there was 3 sizes. It slipped easily into her and she was entertained with it. I quickly switched to being a part of the game, though a little harder as I was older than the other girls. Now it was my turn to stick the middle dildo up in her, I pushed it harder up in her and she said "IT HURTS A LITTLE", where I said "IT HURTS TO GIVE BIRTH". I got it up in her and she loved it. She looked painfully over at the big dildo and asked if we could wait with it, to which I replied that I take it now. I took it by myself when her the other was in the process of getting my sister to squirt. I put the dildo into the opening, it was hard to get it all the way in. When my sister had finished squirting, I said that, they were just going to see how to take a hand up in another girl. I just had to work my way up a bit and then the hand slid up into her abdomen, she writhed in joy while I made her get into a clitoral orgasm with the other hand. While the heavily pregnant girl finished cramping, I got ready to lead the big dildo up into her. It slid surprisingly easily up where I said "NOW, ARE YOU READY TO GIVE UP".

    We had a little fun afterwards, we had sex.

    The heavily pregnant girl, said that, it felt a little strange. Where I replied it is very normal when you are not that old while you are heavily pregnant. We all 4 hear a sound where the pregnant woman gets up from the floor and we see that the WATER IS BREAKING. We get her up in bed and can feel that, all the responsibility lies with me. We can get no help, so I have to help the little girl to give birth. I put 2 fingers up and can feel the head is on the way. The pains get stronger and stronger, where I ask her to take both her legs up, my sister and friend help to hold on to each other's legs. She does not feel that she has to pushing right now, but I say that she has to try, so she knows how to do later, where it's going to hurt painfully.

    While we wait, I sit and play a little with the little dildo up inside me, very nice, while I sit in front of the little heavily pregnant girl with labor pains, who is waiting to push her baby out.

    Her urge to press is getting bigger and bigger and she is now in the process of giving birth, they are each taking up their legs and I see the heads looking forward quietly. Looking forward as always to seeing her crowning in front of me. Between breaks, my little sister and her friend each sit and ride their dildos while I try to keep track of the birthing girl.

    RIGHT NOW is happening, which I have been waiting for, for many years. A young girl lies in front of me and gives birth, she crowns so beautifully. She does not get her head pushed out right away and is stuck in "THE RING OF FIRE" while she screams. I love watching it.

    She gets after a long time, finally pushed the baby out and I am ready to drive my sister home.