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    Stepdaughter’s rules

    The pain in Trevor’s head was intense as his beautiful stepdaughter’s smooth thighs pressed against him. He was lying on the floor of his own house, helplessly held down by the young woman, her firm legs locked around his neck and head as if he’d been trapped between boulders.

    “Now,” the blond woman said, pinning his wrists to the floor. “I know I’m showing a lot of skin, but I’m hoping this little demonstration of my superiority shows you, stepdaddy, that you have no say over what I wear in public.”

    She paused. “Do I hear a ‘yes little lady?’”

    Trevor couldn’t say it. Giving into her meant she had all the power now, that he could no longer be a stepfather to the 18-year-old girl, and that she could so as she pleased. It was total surrender, but he also knew, he had no choice.

    “Please let me go,” he begged, feeling very much conquered but hoping she wouldn’t press the issue.

    “Oh no,” she replied. “I can keep this up forever. Say the words.”

    She squeezed again. He cried out, tears springing into his eyes - tears of humiliation and shame as much as suffering.

    “I have no say in what you wear,” he told her meekly. “And from now on, you make the rules and when I break them, I will be punished.”

    She laughed. “Very good boy. The life you knew is over now, but to welcome you to your new one, before I head out, I am going to tie you up and spank you on your bare bottom.”

    She paused, laughing again. “Oh, and I think Mom will be very pleased by this new arrangement as well.”


    Joan Wise, the original and still the best. This is Inga, 165lbs of arrogant Swedish amazon, who just loved to humiliate other women. The brunette she is crushing here got so upset the match had to be stopped at the end, and her other match against Luna Winter ended in similar fashion with Luna also screaming to be released. That one is one of the great masterpieces of catfight domination but unfortunately the uploads available are of terrible quality 🙁


    Looks good quality to me...