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2020-04-06 09:49:43

    I wont be posting any link nor update anymore on tumblr. This platform is dead, please follow this blogspot link for updates. I will be deleting all my tumblr accounts in the following days.

    Please jump on my new platform smallcockregister.blogspot.com, otherwise I thank you for following me all those years and wish you all the best. Farewell my SPH lovers.



    With tumblr shutting down, here is my new site to hunt down and humiliate those cocky muscle straight guys who have ridiculously small dicks.

    This new blog is an online record of those hot jocks, bodybuilders and models who walk through life showing off their muscles. Big arms, chests and legs. But are they also BIG where size really matters? Let’s expose their “TINY” secrets inside their underwears and put their name on the “Small Cock Register”.

    (The previous blog „smallcocklist.blogspot.com“ has been terminated to make space for this newer version).

    Backing up your Tumblr blog to WordPress

    In this tutorial we’ll teach you how to make a copy of your Tumblr blog onto WordPress.com to act as a backup.

    The first two steps don’t need to be followed if you already use WordPress.com.

    1.Sign up for a WordPress.com account

    You need a WordPress.com blog, simply follow the steps to select your username and confirm your account via email.

    2. Open WordPress Admin

  • Click on My Site
  • Select the WP Admin you wish to import into
  • 3. Visit the import tools page

    In the sidebar menu select ‘tools’ and then ‘import’.

    4. Select import from Tumblr

    5. Allow Tumblr access


    Click the ‘Connect to Tumblr to begin’ button. You may need to log into Tumblr if you haven’t already. Be sure to allow access to WordPress.com

    6. Start the import!

    Once authenticated you can select your Tumblr blog from the list of your blogs and click on ‘Import this blog’.

    And you’re done, WordPress.com takes care of the rest and will create a copy of your posts onto your WordPress.com blog.


    What's 1 gif and 1 pic of Frank Grillo that never fails to get you hard and wanting to be pounded and slammed so hard by his big daddy dick?

    Thank you for this ask! I absolutely LOVE Frank and I really do need to post more stuff of him! So anyways, let’s get into this.

    For my GIF I’ve chosen this on:

    I just love everything about it! His perfect body, his tattoo, his hair and ofc his cocky attitude, it’s almost like he’s purposely teasing me with his Alpha body!

    For picture I decided to go for this one:

    Again mostly due to the same reasons as the gif, but his legs, stubble, pecs, biceps and abs are a great addition 😋


    Okay so I know this has nothing to do with the ask but since we’re on the topic, I might as well bring it up.

    I am a complete and utter faggot slave to Brock Rumlow.

    I mean, there’s just something about him that draws me to him. If he wanted to take me to be a H.Y.D.R.A sex slave experiment I’d say yes without hesitation, that’s the amount of influence he has on me! 😉


    Frank Grillo is a fucking God. And he did full-frontal nudity when he was a model.

    Great body and great cock.