Life happens around you when you're in the closet

    You learn the word gay and you see the flags and you know one of them is your flag

    And everyone else around you is living their life while you figure out which one is which

    Who am I attracted to

    What are my pronouns

    Am I attracted to anyone

    Who am i

    And the friends you know who have a handle on how to express themselves well

    They're having their first kiss

    They're going on their first dates

    First girlfriend first boyfriend

    First anniversary, meeting the parents, learning what it's like to have a significant other

    You're fighting all these terms inside your mind

    And you don't even know which word fits you so how do you tell someone what's going on

    How do you get help if the people you're supposed to be able to turn to aren't for certain safe

    So life goes on outside the closet you're looking from

    One day you'll join, I promise you

    I promise you because I have joined life as a queer person and there's so much of life to live little one

    One day you'll live in the sun as your full authentic self and you will be okay

    It took years and years for me

    Past middle school pubescence, past high school struggles

    Past college for me

    Past early adult years

    And let me tell you

    There's comfort in the closet but the truth in the light of day will feel like home, you'll see

    We'll all be here when you're ready


    Modern Love: A Geraskier Modern AU Fic Rec List

    A Place to Lay My Head by @grassylampshade - rated E - 2.4K words - fun to read, very hot, and geralt has a clapper lamp. everything we could ever wish for:

    Geralt's got the essentials: a door, a lamp, and a mattress on the floor. That's all he needs to fuck Jaskier silly.

    true leadership, rainbow laces, short shorts, and a small cause for a national scandal by foghornjazz - rated T - 11.9K words - i could read 100K of this and not get bored. the commentary, the descriptions, the dialogue; everything is just so good and fun and interesting and it just sucks you right in, even if you don't care about football:

    Geralt is a simple man with simple desires: he wants to play football and get paid for it. He does not want to be photographed while out for a jog, or have his anatomy debated on morning TV, or play any part in his idiot teammate Jaskier's scheme to expose an ex-friend for leaking stories about him to the tabloid newspapers. Funny how things work out.

    the you follow? series by @shortcrust - rated T - 3.6K words - an epistolary series in which jaskier is a famous singer, yet his twitter fanbase seems more interested in his gorgeous husband. so so so so sweet and fun and just such a clever way to tell a story!

    No, I Don't by @ghostinthelibrarywrites - rated T - 5.6K words - i just [clenches fist] love the way jenn writes her modern aus and they're just sweet and in love and i would die for them in a heartbeat — anyway, geralt says "i love you" for the first time, and then has a bit of a (hilarious) breakdown:

    Geralt and Jaskier are trying to navigate their way through a brand new long-distance romance after a decade of friendship. So when Geralt accidentally tells Jaskier that he loves him, he panics. Just a little.

    Socially Acceptable Ways to Meet Your Soulmate by @elpiething - rated E - 4.2K words - i've read this one so many times, there are little bits i can quote by heart. just— please go read it. omegaverse + porn au? be still, my heart:

    An AU where Alphas can't knot without medical assistance.

    Or their soulmate.

    you're only brave in the moonlight (stay til sunrise) by @yoursummerfrost - rated E - 29.2K words - i've recommended this one so many times already, but, really. just— go. it's so good it'll make you cry. in the best way.

    Falling in love with his roommate is, objectively, a bad idea—but most of the major decisions of Jaskier's life have been bad ideas, and they've gotten him this far.

    Cryptid Fucking for Fun and Profit by @ghostinthelibrarywrites - rated E - 7.5K words - i've come back to this one soooooo many times!!! so fun and warm and just. cozy. and geralt's a cryptid! what's not to love!

    When Jaskier, a vlogger and amateur cryptozoologist, goes hunting for the famed Bigfoot of the Blue Mountains, he gets more than he bargained for.

    The Non-Denominational Winter Party by @jackironsides - rated T - 10.6K words - to borrow dorian's excellent tag: #this fic is set to MAXIMUM COZE. it's one of my favorite fics to read curled up under a blanket and it makes me feel like i'm being wrapped in a big warm hug. the best feeling.

    Housemates Geralt and Jaskier are hosting their yearly Non-Denominational Winter Party, but somewhere along the way their friends seem to have got the wrong idea.

    ‘You… know that Jaskier and I are just friends, right?’

    I Make You Scream, I Make You Smile by @whispered-story - rated E - 5.4K words - a lovely halloween-themed fic that is so so so sweet and lovely and safe! i've come back to this one too many times <3

    Between his stressful job as a vet and helping Lambert run his haunted house, October is the worst time for Geralt to start dating someone new. But then a very cute, but utterly terrified guy comes through the haunted house and Geralt realizes he's much more interested in taking care of him than scaring him any further.

    More Than an Address by @drowningbydegrees - rated T - 4.1K words - and they were roommates! such soft, tender pining, with the sweetest ending <3

    Broken Things All Have Stories by @inber - rated M - 2.8K words - ugh, i don't think i've talked enough about how much i absolutely adore the way fortune writes geraskier modern au. i should talk about it some more. anyway, here's wonderwall:

    Geralt and Jaskier are taking things slowly. After a mishap involving a Wiimote and a horse figurine, they both get a lesson on the value of communication.

    your two tongue kisses by Krytella - rated E - 7.4K words - a really lovely porn au with cameraman jaskier and porn actor geralt, but like. different. it's slow and beautiful and tender in a way i can't quite describe. guess you'll have to read it!

    It’s not like Jaskier would want to be in the scenes with Geralt. That’s all highly choreographed, completely stripped of romanticism. No, what Jaskier fantasizes about is ridiculously sappy by anyone’s standards: kissing him, wrapping their bodies around each other in shapes that don't angle to the camera, running fingers through his hair, touching him when he’s not hard, or not to keep him hard, just for pure pleasure.

    Or: Jaskier is a porn cameraman and Geralt is his favorite performer. Probably not the porn AU you were looking for.

    I'm just curious by @feraljaskier - rated E - 2.4K words - i just looooooooooooove this one so much!

    Bored in quarantine, Geralt stumbles upon Jaskier's plug and decides to try something new. Halfway through his playtime Jaskier video chats him and they have some fun.

    Return to Cidaris by pinksugartales - rated M - 34.1K words - ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! just such a beautiful story straight out of a holiday romcom!!!!!! so many feelings!!! it literally feels like watching a movie. please go ahead and give it a read. (maybe not like i did, all in one night, but— still).

    While Valdo’s living a Hallmark Christmas romcom, Jaskier’s life falls to pieces. At least the man he meets in the little town’s bakery is there to offer him support.

    [Or, Valdo returns to his hometown for the first time in years, inadvertently reconnecting with his first love. Jaskier follows his fiancé a week later and finds himself the obstacle to their Christmas love story.]

    you're welcome to add your own favorite stories and please give all the authors much much love!! <3


    I'd like to add "Things Past" by sqpr. It's one of the most amazing modern au with great characterization of geralt and jaskier. Warning: lots of angst. But it's really beautiful.