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On Wednesdays, I do No White Dude Wednesdays (NWDW) where I spam my dash with pictures and historical posts of POC and transgender people.

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    Ughhh this was the sweetest. They had better show up for the date or I will be Inconsolable.

    [ID: a fanart comic showing Fearne and Pretty the ogre cook from Critical Role campaign three. Pretty bursts out of the kitchen shouting "Who wanted to see me?" A hand and a foot can be seen poking out from where Ashton has been squashed behind the kitchen door. Spotting Fearne waving to him, Pretty slams his hands on her table and asks "Was it ok?" with an extremely intense expression. He has a heart tattoo on his arm with the word ‘Mom’ inside. Fearne beams and says "It’s the best thing I’ve ever eaten!" Pretty slowly begins to weep with emotion at her praise. End ID]


    I’d like to know what the first person to put human clothing on a dog was thinking


    like were dogs even dogs yet or did someone manage to squeeze a particularly patient tamed wolf into a leather shirt and then howl with laughter as it trotted around the cooking fires dressed like Uncle Urg begging for food scraps


    the wolf started running backwards in circles trying to get out of Uncle Urg’s shirt and everyone is laughing so hard that the sleeping children and young mothers and old folk wake and come out of their hide huts and observe First Funny Dog galloping around in the moonlight, and a tradition is born


    There was a brief but decisive evolutionary bottleneck of canines that begrudgingly allowed homo-chimps to live after sticking them in a corset.


    “Will you flush game for me, Wolf, when I go hunting the wild things beneath the trees?” asked Human.

    “I will,” said Wolf, “If only you leave me the bones and scraps of meat from your kills.”

    “That is well,” said Human. “And will you use your ears and eyes and nose to guard me while I rest, and warn me when lions prowl too near?”

    “I will,” said Wolf, “If only you let me lie in the warmth of your cooking-fires.”

    “But of course,” said Human. “And will you do as I command, and follow me wherever I go, and love my children and grandchildren as you would love your own?”

    “I will,” said Wolf, “If only you scratch me where my claws cannot reach, and pet me, and heal my injuries when I am wounded.”

    “Always,” said Human. “And will you let me dress you up in funny clothes, and dance around, and do little tricks for me to laugh at?”

    Wolf hesitated, and eyed Human warily for some time, weighing its choices. “That depends,” it said. “Will you tell me I’m a good boy?”

    Human smiled. “The goodest boy,” it said.

    Dog wagged its tail, and Wolf was no more.


    I’ve reblogged it before, and I’ll say it again: this prose is right up there with Kipling’s Just So Stories. A modern literary masterpiece. I feel compelled to make an illuminated manuscript of it.



    Peggy Carter, Howard Stark, Abraham Erskine

    Chanukah in the SSR

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    This story just got podficced by SarahBeth and I am thrilled and honored, as I always am when someone uses my fic as inspiration for their own artistry. (Seriously, it doesn’t happen often and I’m always tickled when it happens.)

    SarahBeth also gave an explicitly Yiddishkeit performance of what is an explicitly Yiddishkeit story and I honestly didn’t realize how much that would mean to me. So if you’ve got twelve minutes, please give it a listen.

    seriously i get so sick of this shitfit throwing about how "democrats just don't actually care or want to help people because if they did they'd just pass all that good legislation and better legislation instead of watered down compromises!"

    the senate is a stalemate shitshow where we do not have an actual democratic majority. they are literally only capable at this time of holding the line and keeping the republicans from running wild again. and if even one or two assholes (fucking sinema and manchin) break ranks or dig in their heels or refuse to play ball, nothing gets fucking done.

    but yes, let's blame "the democrats," because why acknowledge that if republicans weren't so damned and determined to drag the entire country to hell if they don't get to do everything exactly and only their way forever, if they were willing to good-faith negotiate and even pretend to give a half shift about all of their constituents (and not just the ones guaranteed to vote for them based on the color of their ugly ass ballcap), even without sinema or manchin, things wouldn't be this absolutely ridiculously fucked.

    mcconnell and the republicans are sitting tight in their trench of obstructionism just orgasmically smug as we throw up our hands and declare the democrats just as bad as them, actually, for not magically changing the rules of our government and doing whatever they want, how dare they betray us and their purported ideals like this.

    this bullshit is exactly how we end up fucked this fall and watching the republicans waltz back into power to continue massively screwing over average americans of all demographics, because we didn't get exactly what we wanted these first two years of stalemate senate and decided to sit on our hands instead of vote them a real majority and actual power to change shit.