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2022-01-21 23:39:14

    so i’m checking the news and there’s this article about apple i want to read and 

    here’s what happens if you click on it

    i guess they mad but also like… censorship…


    for ease:

    settings > privacy > location services > system services > significant locations

    clear history then turn off significant locations


    Shrimpy update.... Shrimpdate?

    Featuring me being an ass to our favorite volunteer. She gives as good as she gets, though.


    11/8 Shrimpdate

    11/19 Shrimpdate

    She goes up for adoption next week!


    12\18 shrimpdate-

    She did not go for adoption because she's having chronic diarrhea. But she's otherwise doing great.


    1/18/22 Shrimpdate - still with foster mum currently. She is no longer a kitten of unusually small size (kuss) but still having some GI issues. Here she is after helping foster mom work by running across the keyboard for an hour.