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    Both Hondo Ohnaka and Cad Bane have very distictive and cool styles, but I have no clue on what scale their vibes are. Alligned? Opposite? Geometrically opposed? Idon't know, all I know that they are both really cool and intriguing characters that should never ever meet, lol

    Hmm, I feel like Hondo's vibe is pure chaos, while Bane's is very deliberate, so I think I would call them opposite. But yeah hard agree on the never meeting, the universe would not survive.

    Star Wars Speed Challenge 25: Cad Bane

    In 2017 I set myself an art challenge to do a Star Wars Clone Wars or Rebels picture each week and to do the projects as fast as I can.
    Challenges like this are a good way to push myself as an artist and choosing a subject I know so well makes it easier on the image and puts all the challenge into colours and layering. 
    Probably one of the coolest villains in the Star Wars universe so it was high time I did a little tribute to the bounty hunter himself :)
    Great to see him again in The Bad Batch.

    Full details can be found on my DA page here: https://www.deviantart.com/starfire-productions


    dying thinking of nico showing up and dooku trying to act casual oh hey how's it going and the commando droids just noping out of there because this is obviously a private conversation

    nico: "wtf is all of this huh??? tf do you think you're doing making me a widower"

    dooku: "...i'm not dead though"

    nico: " my clock runs a few minutes ahead"

    Asdkfnsdkf amazing, that is just. perfect. yes.