Let's Get Fit Fanmade Modpack (EARLY ACCESS)

    This fanmade pack includes: - Dumbbells - Barbell new version - Stationary bikes - Exercise on radio - New punching bag - Hex dumbbells - Workout Bench - Kettlebell - Box of jump - Pull Up Bar - Barbell and dumbbell rack - Toy Barbell and Toy Dumbbell Also Bonus content like sport activity - Skateboard arena - Golf Stage - Golf Training Mat Also new 12 furniture like - Marauder Cabinet - Marauder Locker - Nu Aing Table Plants - Sporty Decal - The Artiztic Rug - The Gooden Sectional Sofa Corner - The Gooden Sectional Sofa Left - The Gooden Sectional Sofa Right - The Gooden Sectional Sofa Middle - Upholstered Cotton Premium Sofa - Usk Curvy Mirror - Woodland Towel Rack

    Here is the sneak peak what's inside of this fanmade pack!


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    And here is the link for PUBLIC VERSION <<<< CLICK
    The public version include barbell and stationary bikes only.

    Thanks for your support guys! We hope you like it!

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