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    Concept: Snape does wear a lab coat but it’s black so it just blends in with the rest of his attire and because Harry has bad vision he never noticed

    Snape’s “frock coat” is actually just this particular black labcoat (Cherokee Infinity 40″ lab coat in black, antimicrobial) and no one in the Wizarding World has ever seen a lab coat so they all just assume it’s an old-style Victorian coat. 


    (i’ve actually had my eye on this one for months (i don’t like white lab coats bc they get so dirty so quickly!) but my labs this semester said a lab coat wasn’t required so i didn’t get it but now i’m regretting that bc last week i got a chemical burn and then was doused by the contents of an exploding test tube and at this rate all my clothes will be eaten through by corrosive substances)

    silhouette for reference: 



    *Also, it is covered with all manner of charms to repel all manner of nasty substances, including a few Severus created himself


    That’s the same guy what the actual fuck.


    Whoa what the fuck.

    Reblogging to save a brother. Jfc.D:




    when they think we’re mutilating ourselves to the point that they pose as SRS doctors and literally mutilate us for their agenda. cis ppl don’t forget this

    topsurgery.net is a site with lots of before + after pics categorised by surgeon. I encourage everyone with other resources on srs surgeons and their results to share them here, for mtf/mtx surgeries too please


    "Twin Towers Collapse as Tensions Continue Between Terrorists and Civilians"


    for those not familiar with what's going on in nova scotia rn: local white fishermen have been terrorizing the natives for using their (legally guaranteed!) fishing rights and so far the rcmp have done basically nothing to stop them, and the "fire" mentioned in the headline was an act of fucking arson.


    The courts sided with the Mi’kmaq and then the white fishermen have gone apeshit and the RCMP refuse to do anything about it. Incomplete list of ways fishermen have been terrorizing them since the supreme court decision:

    1. This arson

    2. The commercial fisherman have cut the lines to and damaged traps

    3. Circling indigenous fishermen with their boats for intimidation

    4. Starting physical fights and assaulting a chief

    5. Shooting and tearing down territory signs then posting photos of the signs with bullet holes in them

    6. Leaving hacked up animal parts (usually a moose) in truck beds of indigenous fishermen

    7. Shooting flares at indigenous fishermen

    Even when the courts come to the right conclusion, the role of the police isn’t ever justice and safety. This is terrorism plain and simple. Solidarity with the Mi’kmaw Nation fighting for their rights.

    Dumbledore(lecturing Severus for 173648th time): You should get hobby, my boy. It would be good for you.

    Snape(scheming) : ...Fine, I’ll go get a hobby.

    Dumbledore: Really, my boy?

    Snape(smirking): Really.

    ~Two Days Later~

    Snape (flooing Dumbledore’s office): Headmaster, I finished my first project from my hobby.

    Dumbledore (excited): I’ll be right over, my boy!

    [Goes through the Floo]

    Dumbledore: Where is it, my boy?

    Snape(proudly smirking): Right here, Headmaster.

    Dumbledore: ...

    Snape(smirking): Well, what do you think?

    Dumbledore (on the verge of tears): I love it, my boy!! Oh, I’m so proud of you! May I have it?

    Snape (confused): Wait, you really like it? I thought you’d hate it.

    Dumbledore (Taken aback): Why would I hate it? I love it because you made it. You put time and effort into this.

    Snape (on the verge of tears hugs Dumbledore):

    Dumbledore [hugs back immediately]: Oh, my boy.

    Snape (through muffled sobs): You can have it. It’s yours! [sobs] You’re not allowed die!

    Dumbledore(softly): Thank you, my boy. I not planning on going anywhere anytime soon.

    Snape (sniffling): Good because I won’t let you.