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2020-11-15 12:37:01


    I really love@linkeduniverse​ ‘s Link design for the Hero of Twilight! That fur shawl/thing is pretty epic looking so here’s my take on a Twilight-inspired Link. I think he looks somewhere between Twilight and Skyward (I made his hair a touch too fluffy). Of course, I also want to show off my new OC, Saiqa, while playing around with color and lighting. 

    The pose is inspired by a roleplay I was doing where they meet in the 100 years between Calamity and Hero’s return. Here he wasn’t Link, but a former knight and farm-hand named Faron. As for Saiqa’s backstory, tbd. She’s a soldier as of now. Hope you enjoy!

    Evening on Floria Bridge

    Another Link X Riju commission from the wonderful @diggerdagger<3

    I had a lot of fun with this one figuring out the poses and composition. It’s actually a really large piece - my computer really didn’t like rendering the full resolution file lol. Thanks for another super fun commission!

    If you wanna get your own super rad piece of art (I’m supposed to talk myself up right? That’s how salesmanship works right?) check out my page here!

    I’ve been playing BOTW again and IT’s STILL GREAT. I love love love that they finally expanded on the Gerudo! My only gripe is the high heels, but I adore that they’re 8 feet tall and have rock hard abs. I wasn’t too crazy about Urbosa’s design though (the skirt and hair mostly). As I was redesigning her, I can kinda see why they didn’t go this route as she starts to look like Nabooru.

    I also tried the different languages and now I realize that was a big reason why I didn’t like Mipha the first playthrough. She’s alright now