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2020-11-15 12:37:01

    I did some more work on my MCs (I hate the term OC) as of late. Whenever I make fanart I have reference to look at for realz now. I’m super trash at side shots which is why I never do ‘em. And because I have ideas and more characters I wanna make, its time start being untrash by doing ‘em. How else will I grow? 💯💯

    These are just sketches. Firegirl is next bc she needs reference sheets for realz.

    #characterdesign #animation #sketches #fanart #modesheets #original #development #firegirlandafropuff #afrohair

    Mass Effect Futa Movie - Preview clip (Runtime: 2:21 Minutes)

  • Stream (Pornhub/720p)
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  • The full movie is now available on my Patreon (Runtime: 17+ Minutes). Since it was a huge mountain of work, I would be really thankful, if you consider to support me there. :-)

    Public release: End of October


  • Miranda voiced by @oolay-tiger
  • Commander Shepard voiced by @poisonousbeauty
  • Models & objects: @aardvarkianparadise, @barbellsfm, @akkoarcade, Kaylan
  • Soundtrack by The Ambassador