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2020-11-15 12:37:01

    Hey there, folks!

    I’ve decided to open up some emergency sketch commission!

    There’s some significant expenses coming up in a month or so and some extra cash would come in handy. However, since I don’t have much free time, I don’t feel comfortable accepting complex commissions. 

    I will start by opening 3 slots for the time being (depending on the kind of requests I get, I might open up some more later on.)

    The prices are still the same from my latest commission sheet. Here’s some examples of the types of work I’m willing do:

    Sketches:  [ x ]   [ x ] [ x ]  [ x ]

    Coloured sketches:  [ x ]   [ x ]   [ x ]

    Sketchpages:  [ x ]   [ x ]   [ x ]

     :・゚☆✧ Thank you in advance for your support! :・゚☆✧

    Hey guys! Unfortunately while I was away on vacation my husband was involved in a bit of a car related incident. Although he’s not in the wrong at all he might be held 100% liable and so I’ve decided to try and chip in as much as I can!

    Pay what you want sketch commis
    **Base prices include all paypal fee
    - All Prices in CANADIAN DOLLARS
    - Sketches start at 12$ CAD per character (add +5$ for simple colour) 
    - Base prices guarantee you a hips up sketch but may end up being full body
    - NSFW and multiple characters welcome!
    - References and inquiries must be sent to groulxms@gm
     *****I will not be responding to any messages sent via tumblr, either on chat or private mess
    - Payments made through paypal only
    - Completion time is approx 3-4 weeks

    If you’re at all interested or have any questions don’t hesitate to send me an email! Thanks in advance everyone ♥♥♥