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2020-11-15 12:37:01

    The “Decide who I Draw” got a little out of control, and there were a lot of ties.  But I feel like I’ve been suppressing doing pictures recently to work on comics, so it wasn’t hard to motivate myself to do a lot of simple items.

    (If you don’t follow them that closely, four of them are the same character.)

    In order-

  • Raven from Teen Titans.  Went with long hair for a change of pace.
  • Then Annie from my comic Pulse.  I redrew her behind a lot, it’s kind of a weird angle.
  • Then Rikku in a plausible Aurochs outfit.  The people with official uniforms are all men, so there’s a lot of room to experiment.  I’m not sure how big blitzballs would be to her, although in retrospect I was looking in FFX screenshots, when I should have looked in FFX-2 screenshots when you could add her to your blitzball team.  One of the Aurochs has a bandage on his nose, so I put one on her too (assuming she broke her nose by getting hit with a blitzball).
  • Annie (from my comic Pulse) in a qipao.  I’m not sure if the pattern makes it better or worse.  Maybe I should have made a more solid pattern, and not one that’s so paint-y.
  • Annie working out.  This seemed like a funny idea.  I’m not sure if she’s lifted it, is psyching herself up to try, or is just pretending.  I tried looking it up, but I’m not sure how much 5′ 3″ 125-ish lbs her would be able to lift, so I tried to be vague.
  • Annie in formal clothes.  That choice was more vague than I expected, it could have either meant a formal dress (like here), or business attire.  (I almost recolored either the qipao or this because they are both blue, but decided to not worry about it).
  • Now to work on the Pulse page for this week (about the brunette here, but she doesn’t appear in the next few pages).

    Commission for antcow of Tifa from Final Fantasy VII, in an alternative Cowgirl costume, hope you folks like it. Line Art by Me, Colors by Kuzanagi009 

    Tifa Lockhart / Final Fantasy VII is © by Square Enix.