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2020-11-15 12:37:01

    Trying to make sense from that amorphous blob of a term - “action RPGs”

    1. Zelda-like.

    2. Diablo-esque.

    3. Metroidvania.

    Dark Souls is Metroidvania, yet Bloodborne’s chalice dungeons and blood gems make it Diablo-esque.

    Nioh was sold as “Souls game”, but abundance of colorful loot makes it Diablo-esque.

    Borderlands and Hellgate: London are nothing more than FPS Diablo.

    It may sound sacrilege, but Skyrim is Zelda-like. More action than RPG. After Daggerfall and Battlespire you are playing fixed character - Cyrus, Nerevarine, Hero of Kvatch (future Sheogorath)  and Dragonborn… yet Morrowind is more RPG than action.


    …Here is sketch of Zelda with huge tiddies if you are bored.