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2020-11-15 12:37:01


    I really love@linkeduniverse​ ‘s Link design for the Hero of Twilight! That fur shawl/thing is pretty epic looking so here’s my take on a Twilight-inspired Link. I think he looks somewhere between Twilight and Skyward (I made his hair a touch too fluffy). Of course, I also want to show off my new OC, Saiqa, while playing around with color and lighting. 

    The pose is inspired by a roleplay I was doing where they meet in the 100 years between Calamity and Hero’s return. Here he wasn’t Link, but a former knight and farm-hand named Faron. As for Saiqa’s backstory, tbd. She’s a soldier as of now. Hope you enjoy!

    I’ve been playing BOTW again and IT’s STILL GREAT. I love love love that they finally expanded on the Gerudo! My only gripe is the high heels, but I adore that they’re 8 feet tall and have rock hard abs. I wasn’t too crazy about Urbosa’s design though (the skirt and hair mostly). As I was redesigning her, I can kinda see why they didn’t go this route as she starts to look like Nabooru.

    I also tried the different languages and now I realize that was a big reason why I didn’t like Mipha the first playthrough. She’s alright now