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2020-11-15 12:37:01

    Since I submitted her to @risax ‘s blog a few weeks back, I figure I might as well throw this one up here too. The art in this case is supplied by the lovely Daikanu.

    Ah, crystals, the earth’s geologic treasure preserved in perfect, glittering beauty. In a great many cases, they’re imbued with primordial magic, making them commodities for mages, enchanters, and the like, and from there, they were often implemented into jewelry, accessories, or serving as a focus at the tip of magical staves. Flechette Shellblast, on the other hand, has found that when mixed with gunpowder, certain varieties of crystalline dust can make for some pretty interesting ammunition. With this knowledge and a knack for making firearms and other things that just excel at going boom, Flechette is a small gunslinger that often brings great amounts of noise, trouble and explosions wherever she goes.

    By gnome standards, she’s considered tall, perhaps just a few inches above average, but in the end, even dwarves and some goblins tend to quite literally look down on her as a result of her heritage. Still, most tend to stop laughing after one or two warning shots into their knees. Alas, most city guards don’t tend to share her viewpoints on defending her honor. Though trouble does tend to follow Flechette wherever she goes, she’s not a terrible rabble-rouser, and when it comes to firing rounds, it’s usually on account of business. Flechette makes ends meet as a wandering gunman, offering her talents both as a gunsmith and as a gunslinger for those with the coin to hire the gnome and her special bullets. In those scenarios that she does indeed become a hired gun, Flechette often finds herself directing her barrels to monsters, daemons, and all manners of nasty abominations. Usually a bullet to the head gets the job done. Sometimes it takes a very fancy bullet. A touch of wit usually tends to have its place too.