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2020-11-15 12:37:01

    Class 1-A Animal Crossing style!

    A project far too ambitious to start a week out from Inktober, but I managed to finish just in time :’)

    Four different redesigned versions of Momo’s hero suit

    Some details:

    - On one of the initial concepts she had a mask that was discarded in the final design. I put it back because I liked it (lol).

    - I scraped the cleavage for obvious reasons, but added a zipper on the front for if Momo needs to create something from her chest.

    - Every version has a magnet system on the back. The magnets + the harness hold everything together, but if Momo needs to create something on her back, the magnets will open, allowing the object to appear, and then close again when the object is through.

    - Instead of the ridiculous books she caries around, now she has a bracelet that works as a digital encyclopedia with an internal database for her to consult the components needed to create any object she needs

    - Her belt has pockets so she can carry small objects, and most important, food, which is closely tied to her quirk functioning.

    - Versions 1 and 2 (where she uses pants) have the same magnets system on her thighs as on her back. If she needs to create something from her legs, the magnets will open to let the object through, and then close again.

    I got some inspiration from @healer-nephrites version and @homunculiii‘s version (just to be clear, I had the same magnets idea as she did before seeing her version, but her version helped me polish up what I had in mind)