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    Hot sweaty muscular horse-girl  blacksmith?

    Do you want her to play with rest of horse-girls or do something else?


    How about this…

    Thoris lifted the metal from the forge and placed it against the anvil. It would be a fine sword once it was finished, but for now, it was a glowing orange lump. She began pounding it, her great muscles straining, skin glistening in the ruddy light of the coals. She did not hear the visitor approach, but when she looked up, a tall, imposing figure in a cloak stood on the threshold.

    The blacksmith frowned, her tail twitching. She knew this one would be trouble. Her body was clad in a leather harness, exposing much of her dark, scarred skin. Thoris could not see her face, but the cloak she wore was absurdly undersized, trimmed with ermine and splattered with dark stains. The equine brunette couldn’t tell if it was mud or blood, but she suspected the true owner had traded it for a funeral shroud. 

    “You’re late, Kharga,” she grunted between blows. “I’ve had your axe finished for days.” She nodded at a flat shape wrapped in canvas.

    The figure pulled back her hood to reveal a distinctive mane of moon-white hair and a pair of eyes as red as the coals in Thoris’s forge.

    “What a surprise,” Kharga snorted with a smirk. “I came expecting it to be merely half done.” She unwrapped the canvas and examined the weapon, testing its balance and weight. “‘tis simple and fair work, Thoris. I will pay you twenty gold pieces for it.”

    “Thirty and no less,” Thoris growled. She wiped her sweating forehead and slid the metal back into the forge. Kharga’s shadow moved across her vision and she felt the orc behind her, those powerful fingers sliding on her bare hips.

    “Twenty,” Kharga’s voice breathed in her ear. Her hand crawled under Thoris’s apron, seeking the beast between her legs. Thoris gripped the anvil horn, her lip stiff as Kharga took hold of her length.

    “You can’t swindle me, orc,” Thoris breathed. “Thirty gold pieces.” She could feel Kharga’s own member stiffening against her tail. Gods, the orc certainly knew how to torment her… Thoris had been without a bedmate for nearly a fortnight, and the orc’s scent was strong in the closeness of the room.

    “Hmm, twenty-two, mayhaps,” Kharga countered. She began to stroke Thoris, teasing the rough beauty’s equine rod. It grew thick in her hands, lifting Thoris’s apron as she rubbed its flaring tip. She pumped it faster, sending jolts of pleasure through Thoris.

    “Twenty-five,” Thoris groaned. “And don’t stop!” She leaned over the anvil, gripping it with both hands as she felt her lust building.

    “Done,” Kharga grunted with a smile. She pumped Thoris’s shaft, feeling it throb with the blacksmith’s ardor. The dark-haired beauty let out a hissing groan as the pleasure overwhelmed her. It swelled in Kharga’s grip, erupting with spurts of milky-white cream that glowed in the forge’s light. Thoris’s tail twitched, her rear clenching as she released her seed on the anvil’s base. Her body shuddered with a sigh of pure ecstasy.


    “You thief,” Thoris snarled as she counted the coins. “You only brought twenty gold pieces!”

    “Aye,” Kharga nodded as she slung the axe on her back. “Come visit me at the Inn of the Smiling Serpent and you shall have the rest.” She grinned lasciviously and strode out the door. Thoris couldn’t help but feel a twinge of lust as she watched the orc’s dark curves disappear into the night.


    Lozen Special!

    Releasing this Patreon comic from last year to the public, because frankly I don’t want it hidden away. Thanks to everyone who supported it’s creation!

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    alchykiller: Lozen Special! Releasing this Patreon comic from last year to the public, because frankly I don’t want it hidden away. Thanks to everyone who supported it’s creation! Full-res images! 💪
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