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2020-11-15 12:37:01

    Evening on Floria Bridge

    Another Link X Riju commission from the wonderful @diggerdagger<3

    I had a lot of fun with this one figuring out the poses and composition. It’s actually a really large piece - my computer really didn’t like rendering the full resolution file lol. Thanks for another super fun commission!

    If you wanna get your own super rad piece of art (I’m supposed to talk myself up right? That’s how salesmanship works right?) check out my page here!

    I have been enjoying playing ARMS for the past couple days and really love each character design. But I’ll have to say I like Min Min’s and her cool abilities became my choice as a main and when it comes to Twintelle’s elegance, she really knows how to freeze you in your tracks. 

    Might draw my male sets later when I do a better ARMS set study since some of the weapons are a little tricky